In the Summertime (Well it was then......)

Posted on: 20 Nov 2019

Spurred on by the spate of recent blog posts, and the realization that if I don't get this written now, it never will be, another attempt at catching up some of the backlog. It's pretty tame stuff, not in the same league as Snowdon et al, but it will at least be illustrated.

 Sheffield, and summer. Lots of local walks, mostly just me and J, but sometimes with my brother as well. For a non-walker, he did very well on a 13 km jaunt round Agden and Dale Dyke reservoirs; and with the promise of a visit to the pub as a reward, was induced to come with us again on a round of Rivelin valley and Stannington. A couple of days before I went back to Switzerland, we toured Ecclesall Woods, and he showed me where he used to run as a member of the school cross country team, back in the day. (One of his fellow team members was a certain Sebastian Coe......)

J and I went out most days. One of our walks took us through this astonishing field; the owner had even thoughtfully provided a path through it: