"Look up. Get up. Don't ever give up"

Posted on: 22 Nov 2019

No matter how far I stray I would always find my way home. And so here I am once more. Hi Buzzer it's been awhile. I've missed you. 

Chicago never happened. The deferred ballot place was lost. To go over there would have been the biggest disrespect to a Major and the 26.2 miles. Never ready. To wing it to just pick up the 3rd would have been careless. Another time perhaps. 

Unsuccessful in the London ballot but the nagging dream persist. The stubbornness in me cannot let go. I have to prove to myself that if I keep pushing on the same spot of that oak tree and use a different approach, one day that oak will fall. 

Joe at VICTA knows me well now. To Joe I went a begging.  VICTA from what I know ask for the lowest charity pledge of them all. So "once more unto the breach dear friends, once more". I have to stop this nagging in my head and put to bed this sub 4 at London. No where else but London. 

I know to continue to focus on the time could be my downfall again. But if I don't have that then London is lost. 

At 6 miles slow. Need more speed. 7 this Sunday. Full steam ahead. 

For anyone else stubborn like me. Stay true to your dreams💚💪👍

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