Posted on: 26 Jan 2020


Hey Runsters!

A big day for me yesterday as my followers on Insta will know (@tubbyrunster). I had a score to settle with my demons, the self same demons that prevented me running my planned 10 miler two weeks ago.

The day started badly, waking from a broken sleep to bad pre-run nerves and I procrastinated in bed for a while (yes, I know I should’ve just got up). Still, when I finally did get up and started my hydration and fuelling routine the nerves subsided enough for me to have a stern word with myself. The ‘talking to’ worked because when I left the house I felt pretty good about the run ahead, helped in no small part by the perfect running weather.

I had no route planned and decided I would ‘wing it’ but I have enough of a grasp of the local geography for that not to be an issue. I decided a nice run in the Cheshire countryside was what I needed and that is what I got. 
I’m also pleased to report that I had none of the early onset ‘jelly legs’ of recent runs and well, everything about the run was near perfect. A real boost to my mental strength.

Due to the length of the run I thought it was high time to break out the gels and I had one gel at 7-8 miles and another at 10-11. It seemed to do its job, that’s for certain.

Sure, I could’ve been quicker and I am currently walking like C3PO but I’m more than happy with today’s result. I can now draw a line under my problems and move forward.

Thanks to you all for the kind words of support lately and thanks also to @martinyelling for his @londonmarathon Q&A livestream on Faceache yesterday. Your calming, sensible advice really helped me toward today’s result 👍🏼 Long story short: 14.5 miles in the bag today and I’m now looking forward to ticking off next Sunday’s 15 miler. 
Bring. It. On.

Love & hugs & stuff,

The Tubby Runster

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