New Year New Challange

Posted on: 04 Feb 2020

Yesterday 03/02 saw me back down the pool, with training program in hand, 200m warm up with 15sec rest each 25m 8x25 at modarate pace with 30sec rest each 25m, 2x100 at steady pace with 15sec rest each 100, 4x25m at modarate pace with 15sec rest each 25, them 50m cool down, was chuffed to bits as the only time i did breaststroke was duing the warm up, spent the slow lengths working on my breathing and trying to remember to kick legs.

This was followed by a 40min gym session, not as long as it would had been as had forgotten my program so was going on memory lol.

Felt so good when got home that i sent a PM to the race director that i am doing my 10 marathon in 10 days with in April, to see if he would allow me to up them to ultra's

happy days :)

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