The chamber of secretly worn-out legs

Posted on: 08 Feb 2020

The chamber of secretly worn-out legs

I did it again. :-)

I had a fairly rubbish week, exercise-wise (because of things like a horrible train journey that got me home two-hours later than usual :-(  ).

But today I had a really good day, exercise-wise. :-) My FitBit has gone over 25,000 steps. :-)

I went down to the local supermarket, for bits-and-bobs. Then I walked into town, to collect my new glasses from SpecSavers. Then, in the late afternoon, I got my exercise bike out, and put Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on. I pedalled for two hours. :-) At that point, I wasn't sure how much was left of the film, and I decided that I had done enough cycling, as my poor legs were *very* worn out. :-) So I got off and stretched, for the rest of the film.

So, cycling along to a film, two weekends in a row. :-) I think I will have to go for a gentle swim, tomorrow.

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