new year new challage

Posted on: 27 Feb 2020

Since I last posted my training has gone really well, I have now moved to using not only the kickboard but also a pullbouy and paddles, I did find them strange at first but I will get use to them, my breathing tecnique is getting better aswell, I am now upto doing 1000m distance and helping a friend get back into running by doing parkrun, this week has been a bit quite for me training wise as have pick up some extra shifts at work,Monday I added 2 extra lengths onto the 1000m as I needed to over come the fear of getting into the pool from the deep end and going under, pleased to say I sort of managed it :) then when climbing out from that end, had to laugh at myself as I think I looked like a beached whale lol

2 days to go before my Aquathlon, lets hope the rain stops


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