Strange Times

Posted on: 28 Mar 2020

It's unfamiliar territory for everyone.  We are allowed to exercise once a day, but how long will that last?  I am trying to go out each day for a run, while I can.  Ironically I had been unwell since August with various colds and a nasty dose of flu over Christmas.  I took cold and flu tablets on holiday to Egypt in October, when we could travel, because I was so unwell.  As March approached I finally felt well and started running more frequently.  You can't make it up.

I understand the seriousness of what is happening and am being very careful.  most of my runs have been at about 7pm when there are very few people about.  It has been good for my health and mental health.  I am finding working from home very stressful and we are looking after two sets of elderly parents.  

It was on the news this morning that staying fit and healthy will help you recovery from this nasty virus if you do get it, but it is not a guarantee.  All we can do is pray that we can get this under control and make the most of every day.  When we do go into total lockdown, because it is a when not an if, maybe if we are well enough we will start doing all this strenght and conditioning we are suppposed to do.  Patio running is an option, but ours isn't very large and hubby will get annoyed if I run round the garden.  He finally has had the time to work on it and it is looking amazing.

Keep safe everyone and hopefully in the summer we will emerge from this and be better caring people.


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