Things are picking up

Posted on: 18 Jun 2020

My life is slowly getting back to a state of normality. I already work from home, so no change there. The kids are at home but older enough to keep themselves busy, most of the day. I have been running with  the dog and my son on his bike most days. A couple of times I have met a friend to cycle with and realised that we dont get within two meters of each other normaly anyway.  I have been to the lake twice for a proper swim,  as well as getting to the river with my daughter for a fun swim. Horse riding is back on.

The lake and horse riding have some extra rules when you arrive and leave but apart from that it is more or less back to normal, again because you do not get close to anyone anyway. I have entered a virtual half marathon for this Saturday and a Virtual Duathlon in July in an attempt to add some speed work.

It has been really interested in seeing how adaptable humans are and how in general we just get on with stuff in the best way we can. The kids have been amazing in that way, just changing and accepting.   Small business have found a way to trade. I dont think the Fish and Chips shops aroung here closed for more than maybe a week or so and then they re openeed with a new way of working. Pubs and cafes deliverying  and just trying to get by. It really shows how we do adapt so quickly.




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