Posted on: 27 Jun 2020

Well the hottest day of the year arrived and after a day of parenting, homeschooling & manual labour outside I sensed the impetus to get out for my planned run slipping away.

However as I sat in the garden gazing at the sky (looking in vain for a SpaceX rocket that hadn’t even launched), I felt the cool breeze on my face and got the urge to bust out my trainers. A SpaceXcuse if you will.

It was a lovely evening for it but it soon became apparent that a cooling breeze whilst sitting on my gluteus maximus stargazing does not translate to a cool run. It was hotter than hell and as I type (at midnight) it’s still 23°c out there.

Still, I battled through the heat and achieved a distance of 4.2 miles of which, about 3.5 miles was continuous jogging. A marked improvement over my paltry 1.7 miler the other day and a great sense of achievement felt for getting out there despite the heat.

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