Day 1 - 6 Park Walk with Alan - 5.2 miles

Posted on: 01 Jul 2020

Very gentle stroll. Started in sunshine ended in torrential rain. As we progressed up the side of Crystal Palace Park, we spotted a gate not seen before so we crossed the road to investigate. It lead to a path at the back of the wooded area never trodden previously! But very quickly we got back onto the normal path and the next nearest exit. Then via the backstreets to Wells Park, then through to the housing estate and up to the top level. Once on the top spine we went along and then down towards The Horniman Museum, but we stuck our noses into the Horniman Triangle park first. After a quick nose in the actual Horniman Gardens we headed down the road towards Forest Hill and under the railway and along a road we'd had not been before. Then onwards to Mayow Park. T'was there we sheltered under a rather magnificent tree as the heavens opened. The park itself was rather disappointing. Although the two children squabbling over ownership of a bike amused us. We braved the torrent and made our way through Sydenham and onto an old favourite Alexandra Rec Park. The tree across the path has long had a chunk cut out to allow progress along the pathway, but the remains sit on both sides so its like walking through a gateway. From there the next stop was home. As I was soaked through I got changed into warm dry clothes and Alan made a pot of tea.

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