Ooh, I miss my exercise bike!

Posted on: 06 Jul 2020

I used to be a keen runner – I was very slow (but hey, these days I have the excuse of being officially ‘blind’*). I managed to ‘run’ (well, get round!) the London Marathon twice (very slowly, but raising lots of money for Headway, a brain injury charity. A few years ago, my hips started giving out on me (eek! I am getting old! My eldest daughter will hopefully be going to university this year!). So I bought myself an exercise bike (as I can certainly no longer ride a real bike, due to my blindness!). I just plonk it in front of the telly, and cycle for about forty-five minutes, or an hour, depending on what I am watching (sometimes, at the weekend, I watch a whole film! Woo!).

But a couple of weeks ago, my exercise bike died.  The resistance went, and mr Flump took it apart, but said it didn’t seem to be fixable. 

I ordered a new one, but it has taken ages to be delivered 9it should arrive on Wednesday, and I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I have been doing exercise videos, on Amazon Prime. They are rubbish!

I have a Fitbit, and when I am going to work, walking to and from the station, then between the station and my office, usually gets me to 10,000 steps a day. However, when I am ‘working at home’ because of Covid, I don’t have to commute. Today, I simply sat on the sofa, working, on my laptop. When I finished work at five o’clock, I had walked backwards and forwards to the kettle, and to the toilet, and occasionally to the breadboard, but I had only managed 2,000 steps.  So, I went out for a brief walk (as I have been doing most days – sometimes I go to the supermarket, and sometimes I just go for a walk). Then I popped on Amazon Prime, searched for ‘Fitness’, and chose an exercise video to do. Sigh. Then I di another one. Sigh some more. And another one. Gah!

I am desperate to get my exercise bike back! I *need* exercise – this lock-down is horrible! – and I really want to be able to cycle again!

* I received a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2005, when I fell off my bicycle (thankfully, with a helmet on – if I hadn’t had it, we assume I would have died). I have half of my visual field missing: when I look straightforward into the mirror, I can see my left side, but not my right side. I call myself ‘blind’, as I am officially registered as blind, but I think of myself as ‘just’ visually impaired.

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