Days 9 - 11- running and walking

Posted on: 11 Jul 2020

Total to date: 90km 110km left Thurs 5 mile run ACW in CPP exchanged a few smiles and greetings which are always a bonus. Fri 5 mile walk with Alan to Beckenham and back via the bank  Kelsey Park and Harvington Estate (must go back to investigate further, may be a possibility for a run when I get heartily sick of CPP!)  Sat 7 miles over the hill to Dulwich Park, 1 circuit of the perimeter then back over the hill home. Had just planned a 5k in CPP but changed my mind and headed up and over the hill to Dulwich instead. Good decision, apart from feeling a bit tender from yesterday's walk really enjoyed that, especially the run down the hill home. On way home, up the hill, a vaguely familiar face shouted greetings I think she's from Dulwich Parkrun so a long time no see and a pleasant surprise 😊

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