I haven't posted in ages!

Posted on: 02 Aug 2020

I haven't posted here in ages, because it was not actually posting, which was very irritating. I have been carrying on getting my exercise, though. To be honest, I have been getting lots more exercise than usual- after all, I do not have to waste time, commuting to work, so I have more time to exercise!

I started a new job just a week before the lock-down. My new job is at a university in London. I used to work as a lecturer - I am a geologist, or a 'rock doctor'. Then, in 2017, my department was closed down, and I knew that I would never get another job lecturing, as the 'brain injury' that I received in 2005 means that although I was able to carry on lecturing, I can no longer do most geological research. I moved into working as an administrator, which I did for a couple of years, and my new job is as a 'Teaching and Learning Administrator', which is a more interesting type of administration, with all of my background in teaching and learning.

Anyway, as I said, the lock-down means that I have more time to spend on my exercise bike.  I have been spending at least forty-five minutes on it, almost every day, and usually an hour. At the weekend, I usually watch a film, so I spend two hours - yesterday it was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - so, a film I have seen a few times before, but fine to occupy me, whilst I pedal away.

Today, I did forty-five minutes (to an old Grey's Anatomy), and I stopped then, because a good friend and colleague of Mr Flump (who is also a good friend of mine!) was coming over for a cup of tea. He had been visiting his parents, who live not far from us, so he said that he wanted to pop in here for a cup of tea. We had a nice socially-distanced hug (arms held out, but both a good way apart!), a nice cup of tea in the garden, and a nice natter.

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