Adapting some more

Posted on: 06 Aug 2020

Well it has been a strange few weeks, I have had a close family member diagnosis with cancer, so plans had to change. I completed the Leeds Virtual Duathlon, which I had hoped to do the run and bike all in one go, but as I was only able to get half hour slots free as I was needed for caring duties, I broke it down over a number of days. Of course the great advantage of virtual events is the flexibility and somehow you still feel involved with others and part of an event. It was good to have something to focus one.  Handed over caring duties to my brother this week, so I have been out on my bike with my husband, running with my son and tonight swimming with my daughter.  Great to be able to spend time with them all. I don’t think I plan to do any real events this year ( even if they are taking place) as everything is so up in the air, but I am just enjoying doing what I can and getting out in the sunshine.

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