Decision made - Virtual London Marathon here I come

Posted on: 13 Sep 2020

Like many of us I am sure. I was soooo disappointed when the London Marathon was initially postponed until October 2020 and then again till 2021. 

I have a charity place with Whizz Kids and am close to reaching my target , and although they have been great, a place in 2021 is not yet guaranteed.  

I had trained hard all winter, and the upside of working from home during lockdown was that ability to use my usual 2hr daily commute time for training. For once I am fit and in a good place to give the marathon a good shot...

But did  I want to take part in the London Marathon virtually? I am ashamed to say my initial reaction was not to take part. I was no so sure I could push myself hard enough on the day without the "event: itself stopping me from giving up or the crowds willing me on. I know its going to be tough, I know its going to hurt and for an event thats not "real" is it worth it?

Then I thought i would take part but just take it easy. Run within myself, take a few breaks and "get the job done". Shame on me. 

But then over the last few weekends I have been once again inspired by the incredible efforts of some of the wonderful real buzz team. Covering distances I could never dream of. 

So thats it - Decision made. I am in - all in! I am going to give it everything  on the 4th of October. Its going to hurt but i will  do my very very best to get close to the 4hr 27min pb I set in Brighton in 2015.  Because why ever do anything just half heartedly ?

Good luck all that will be doing it "virtually" with me x 

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