Five Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist About Managing Severe Eczema in Kids

Posted on: 08 Jan 2021


Talk with a doctor if your child has severe eczema flareups, even after taking oral medications or using topical creams. Eczema is a skin condition that affects children and also occurs in adults. While there’s no cure, recognizing the factors that worsen the eczema symptoms may result in fewer episodes of a flareup. 

Here are the five questions to ask your dermatologist about managing severe eczema in kids:

 1. What is the connection between allergies and eczema?

Some children with eczema have contact dermatitis in which they will develop symptoms like redness, itchiness after contact with an allergen. These allergens include dust mites, pollen, grass, pet dander, fabrics, and even foods such as peanuts, seafood, etc. As mothers to eczema kids, you should keep a food journal to identify possible food allergies to remove them from their diet and monitor their skin for improvement. 

Similarly, don’t let your child use any soaps, detergents, or perfumes if rashes appear on their skin. Avoid dressing up your kid in clothes of wool or polyester if your child is allergic. Consult your child’s doctor to identify allergies that trigger their eczema symptoms and start with treatments to stop their allergic response.

2. Does the sun have an effect on kids with eczema?

You may take advantage of planning outdoor activities on a warm, sunny day with your family. Exposure to sunlight can provide you with a dose of Vitamin D, which is also a mood booster. If your kid has severe eczema, excess sun exposure can worsen their condition. Overheating can lead to excessive perspiration and sweating that could result in a flareup. 

In some cases, sun exposure may improve eczema in children. The trick is not to overdo it, only enjoy the outdoor fun while limiting their skin exposure to direct sunlight. Ensure that your child stays as cool as possible, use an umbrella, seek shady areas to block the sun’s rays. Don’t forget to use sunscreen. Otherwise, a sunburn can cause skin inflammation and worsen the symptoms of eczema in children. You can find the best sunscreen products for kids with eczema.

 3. Can severe eczema in kids be controlled with diet?

If you have trouble controlling eczema symptoms in your child with creams and medications, your diet could be the culprit. As eczema is an inflammatory condition, any foods that increase inflammation in the body can potentially worsen your child’s skin condition. The inflammatory ingredients and foods include refined carbohydrates, gluten, sugar, dairy, and saturated fats.

Avoid these foods or limit intake to reduce widespread inflammation in eczema kids. This has the potential to reduce the flareups, resulting in healthier looking skin in your child. Moreover, open wounds allow viruses, bacteria, or fungus to enter inside the skin. Severe itching in a child can interfere with their relaxation, making it difficult to sleep at night.

 4. Can severe eczema cause other complications?

Getting severe eczema under control is vital as it can lead to complications. Chronic dry and itchy skin in children can lead to persistent scratching. It can also bring on skin discoloration, or their skin can develop a leathery texture. Also, it can increase your child’s risk of injuring their skin and getting a skin infection.

 5. How to reduce itching in children with eczema?

The goal of eczema treatment for kids is to reduce their skin inflammation that could lead to less itching, dryness, and redness. Other measures such as applying a moisturizer to their skin twice a day and using an anti-itch topical cream can help to reduce itching in children with eczema. 


Have an open and honest discussion with your child’s dermatologist about the best ways to manage their skin condition. While eczema doesn’t have a cure, you can help to reduce its frequency and severity of flareups in your kid. With the right guidance and learning how to manage symptoms, treating eczema in children becomes easier.


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