Ooh, me bum hurts!

Posted on: 31 Jan 2021

Hello. I haven’t written this blog for ages and ages. Have you missed me?

I know this is supposed to be a running blog, but in fact I had to stop running ages ago, because my hips are now playing up too much. Honestly, anyone would think I was getting old, although I am only fifty-one. That is not old, is it? I must admit, I often look at my two little babies, and think “How the hell did that happen? How did they grow up so fast?”. My Snufflemuncher is now at university – she is supposed to be at Imperial College*, studying maths, but in fact she is still here at home, ‘attend’ing lectures and practicals on her laptop, because of this ****ing pandemic. And my Scrunchmuffin is in the GCSE year at school, although she will not be doing her GCSE’s this year, as the exams have been cancelled, so all the kids will be given grades by their teachers, instead.

Anyway, although I haven’t run for ages, I have an exercise bike. Remember, I can’t ride a real bike, because I am ‘blind’ – in 2005, I fell off a bicycle in France, and received a ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’. These days, as a result of that TBI, my balance is a bit dodgy, my speech is a bit slurred, my handwriting is horribly messy, and when I look straight-forwards, everything to my right-hand-side is just a blurry mess. It is quite odd to look in a mirror, and only see half your face! But hey, many people who have survived TBI’s are in a far worse state than I am, so I am lucky (in some ways – I am very unlucky to have had the accident, of course, but I am lucky to have recovered as well as I have done).

Anyway, I bought an exercise bike years ago, and that was fine until it died last year. I bought a new one, and that was great, until it died as well, a couple of weeks ago – the wire from the computer got dragged inside, which jammed the wheel solid. Luckily, as I had only had it for six months, it was still under warranty, so I got it replaced. The new one arrived on Friday. I just did a half-hour ride that day, and then I took yesterday off. Today, I did something that I have often tried to do at the weekend – I dragged it in front of the telly, and put a film on.

It was The Fellowship Of The Ring, which I have seen many times before, but I enjoy. I pedalled for 2 hours, and made sure that I kept me speed up. The film was five minutes under two hours, so I just popped the news on for a bit – I figured I had to make it two hours! As usual, I also did some dumb-bell lifts.

Ooh, my bum hurts!

I have only had a couple of weeks off riding. Why does my bum hurt so much?

I went and had a bath, afterwards. However, I have to be really careful – I had a couple of seizures last year, and now I am not supposed to have baths, in case I have another one, and end up drowning. But I thought, ooh, I have a sore bum, a nice warm bath would be good for my sore bum! So, I left the door unlocked, and got the Snufflemuncher to sit not far away, with instructions to come running in if she heard any disturbing sounds!

Anyway, I then had an urge to come back to my blog. So here I am. Is it nice to have me back?

*  The university she is at, Imperial College, is where I went to university, a long, long time ago. In my second year, I joined the caving club, and met and fell for a long-haired hippy. Ten years later, he became Mr Flump. He is the reason I originally started running – he started running, so I thought I would too. At the time I was living in France, and he was living in Liverpool. I assumed that if we ever lived together again, we would run together. But then I found out that I was a very, very slow runner, and he was a pretty damned fast runner – he has done a couple of sub-three-hour marathons. 

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