Hospital Exercise - 45

Posted on: 27 Apr 2021

Todays visit to hospital after two weeks showed bloods generally ok and apparently stabilizing - so i was advised: Haemoglobin 13.3 (down), Platelets 73 (up), Neutrophils 4.2 (up), White cells 4.7 (up). 

Went for a Lung Function Test while i was waiting for the blood results. All went ok but result will follow in a few days. I did not have any problem with any of the inhaling and exhaling exercises they gave me but it will be interesting to see what the difference is between this test and the last test. Last test was before the 9 day chemo prior to the stem cell transplant.

General opinion at the hospital was that i was still doing pretty good after the chemo and stem cell transplant. Still have to go back in two weeks time but i can drop down the amount of steroids i am taking again from tomorrow to only 4 pills (20 mg/day ). Basically 4 weeks to go before i finish with the steroids if i can continue coming down by 5mg a week. 

Keep safe everyone - the virus is still out there and dangerous for people like me who are not likely to get a Covid jab for a while yet, let alone get any of the other childhood jabs. All the same, have a great time getting out and about within the covid rules.

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