LLMH 2022 Job done

Posted on: 09 Apr 2022

Normally this would be the preliminary test for a spring London marathon. Now this is still a test but for an October London marathon as you all know. 

Went OK coming in at 1.55.35 and I wanted to go under 2 hours so that's job done. Happy enough. 

Lessons learnt are; the desire to give my sub 4 to London and no where else is reinforced. I owe it to her. Fab crowds as per usual.

Need to train much, much harder. 13 miles is fair enough but 26.2 sustained at between 8.30 - 9 minute pace is an entirely different game altogether. 

Carry own drinks means no interruption to running rhythm and that worked well

No headphones was actually OKtoo. Didn't miss the music. 

Stick with negative split approach and trust the Garmin. Dropping 30 seconds in a mile is ok.

Onwards and upwards.

Hope you're all good👍

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