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Countdown to ThunderRun24

In a mad fit of insanity sometime in 2013, I agreed with 4 other girls to form a team of 5 for ThunderRun24 - a 24 hour off road relay held on the last weekend of July 2014. I entered with the theory "if I don't, I'll wish I had" and now I'm on the countdown to ThunderRun24 and planning to log my adventures as I overcome running longer distances, overcoming injury and doubling up as I train for the event.

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ThunderRun training continues

2 and a half months to go...ThunderRun training continues as I increase mileage slowly and injury free. Speaking of injury, ones of the other girls has a stress fracture and is unable to run - luckily we have a willing victim lined up to take her place....

4 months to ThunderRun24

Yep, I signed myself up to do ThunderRun, a 24 hour off road relay over a 10k course at the end of July somewhere in deepest Derbyshire or Staffordshire (some say Derbyshire, some say Staffordshire...who knows?!) I'm still not sure what overtook me othe...