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My Training Diary

I'm a 40 year old husband/father who used to run marathon's when I was younger (much younger), but who is now overweight, over-indulgent & over-worked.

This is an ongoing diary of my thoughts, experiences & general mental state over the next six months, while I try & get in shape to complete the Great North Run.

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What a difference a week makes

After such a rotten week last week, I managed to visit friends last night & not join in drinking Stella, choosing to drink hot water & fruit teas instead. Afterwards, I even managed to drive into town & pick up our daughter from her night ou...

A bad week

What a bad week it's been. I'm not going into details about it on here, but sleep's not been too good so training's been out of the window, even though I'd got planned sessions which I've missed through sleep depravation & exhaustion. I'm still not ...

Sunday night

ok, i've never done a blog before, so i'm not sure quite they go. training's started. diet's not going too bad, although i possibly drank too much this weekend (especially friday which meant i missed my saturday run). and i'm not gonna get out in the mo...