The Road to Blackheath Take 7

Training for the London Marathon 2017 READ MORE

  • Mar2620173:51 a.m.

    Day 57 - Good long run - but faitigued Latest

    So, I ran another 3 hour and 5 minutes in ideal conditions although as I went on the drizzle eased and the sun came out. First 2 and a half hours were good, las...

  • Mar2420177:11 a.m.

    Day 56 - Very short run in new socks

    How weird it is to run for just 39 minutes, but 35 minutes is all my prgramme asked for in preparation for another 3 hour effort this coming Sunday. I was at...

  • Mar2220179:42 p.m.

    Day 55 - Marathon day shoes and solid sustained run

    Well, not great to wake up to news of terror in London, awful times we live in. I am now into my London Marathon day running shoes, still Asics but I have gone...

  • Mar21201710:20 p.m.

    Day 54 - Half Marathon complete - Bronzed

    Round the Vines half marathon completed in sweltering heat in the Lower North Island on Sunday. I poured as much water on my head as I did down my throat. What...

  • Mar1620177:39 a.m.

    Day 53 - Last time out before half marathon

    Well, it was meant to be a short outing, and it was, just a 40 minute stretch out reminding my legs of the pace that I will be asking of them on Sunday. The...

  • Mar1520175:36 a.m.

    Day 52 - Recovery Run - Not

    Only 2 days since the mega-run and I decided on a recovery run loosener. Dreadful weather, all rugged up, and facing severe headwinds! Only ran for a short...

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