The Road to Blackheath Take 7

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  • Feb2620173:53 a.m.

    Day 45 - Miracle and black toe nail Latest

    Firstly, thanks Kat for the advice re knee. As it is the weekend I decided just to keep going and will check in with Becky next week maybe. But as if by some mi...

  • Feb2420171:17 a.m.

    Day 44 - Hill reps - that's all

    Apologies for the very boring title, but it was just hill reps! Nothing really happened of any note. I found the going up really good, in fact over the 12...

  • Feb2220178:19 p.m.

    Day 43 - Directors Chair incident behind me (literally)

    Other than a sizeable bruise on my elbow and tenderness on the glute to the right side of my tailbone I seem to have come away unscathed from the...

  • Feb20201710:21 p.m.

    Day 42 - Up the clock and silly accident

    Training plan set me off on an interval piece last night, called Up the clock.. one min slow, one min fast, two mins slow, two mins fast and so on up to about...

  • Feb2020171:57 a.m.

    Day 41 - Milestone met and a sleepy weekend

    A key milestone reached this weekend with the completion of a 2 hour and 4 minute sustained effort. It was in very muggy conditions, nice for running. I put in...

  • Feb1620178:19 p.m.

    Day 40 - Running in harmony says cyber coach

    I am very fortunate to be in regular contact with a previous London marathon winner who is extremely generous with his comments and training tips, he has...

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