The Road to Blackheath Take 7

Training for the London Marathon 2017 READ MORE

  • Jan15201711:05 p.m.

    Day 27 - A solid, but dry, effort beside the sea Latest

    It was the run that was going to mark my return and it was really challenging to get the kit on and go and do it for some reason. However, once I left the car, ...

  • Jan1220172:22 a.m.

    Day 26 - Goose bumps, love, and another 45 minutes

    I think I have fallen in love with my physio, does the 28 year age gap matter, I think my wife would have a view?! I jest, she has done an awesome...

  • Jan0920179:03 p.m.

    Day 25 - Better than sex - almost!

    Well, Sunday came and I went to the local esplanade for the big test on a flat, tarmac broad walk. It was hot and sunny, with an onshore breeze and...

  • Jan0620176:16 a.m.

    Days 19 - 24 - Tough times/New year rewards

    Getting through an injury is hard work, and the stretches prescribed by the physio almost like an alternative training method. My legs feel really strong as a...

  • Dec2320163:51 a.m.

    Day 18 - Keeping you posted

    Ok, the other night I went for the prescribed walk/jog, and although the hamstring was aggravated it was a serious improvement. The next morning the Physio...

  • Dec1820169:07 p.m.

    Day 17 - Physio lady says try a 400m jog

    Well, off I went again today at 0900 to my lovely young physio lady, who is a very recent graduate but has oodles of cutting edge knowledge to...

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