No more talking about it.....London 2016!

I recently read that keeping a diary or blog of some nature can keep you thinking positively and motivated…….   This is probably the biggest task I have ever put myself through both physically and mentally, I will take all the help I can…..   It will be interesting to read over it after the event.....see if I am still feeling a... READ MORE

  • Apr2620168:33 a.m.

    I did it! Latest

    Oh my word, I did it, I ran the London Marathon! 

    What an experience, some of it etched on my memory forever, some of it a blur. 

    I think I may have b...

  • Apr1920167:07 p.m.

    It's marathon week!

    It’s here, the week I have been thinking about for almost 4 months. Marathon week…I feel a kid again, waiting for Christmas Day to arrive!!! It...

  • Apr0620169:55 p.m.

    And it's almost here!

    So where did the last three months go, I have only just started my training haven't I, wasn't Christmas just last week. Here we are, April, marathon month....

  • Mar2620161:51 p.m.

    22 miles, 22 miles, 22 miles! Wayhooooooo

    So I am sat here, a wet miserable Saturday afternoon, basking in the glory that I, Miss Helen Walker, novice marathon runner has clocked up a massive,...

  • Mar0920169:34 a.m.

    Speed Queen

    In my bid to “mix” things up a little, I have joined my local gym. I figure I need to attend a few HIT classes, which I really enjoy, so as not to...

  • Mar0620167:57 p.m.

    Back on track!

    After my "disaster" of a run last week, I was a little nervous about getting out and doing my long run this week. However, I decided I need to start with a new...

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