Knee Capped!!!

A re-titled blog in light of the knee injury I have sustained. What I've done is not yet clear, but as the inflammation is subsiding it looks more like I now have a knee cone where once there was a cap. The NHS waiting list here in Wales for the op I need currently stands at 15 months, so thanks to my  short-sighted approach in never having joined BUPA,... READ MORE

  • Sep1720163:03 p.m.

    When a PB is not a PB

    I'm still figuring out how I really feel about my parkrun outing this morning, so this might turn out a load of gobbledygook, or it just might turn into...

  • Sep1320161:46 a.m.

    OK Then, Let's See What We Can Do...

    I am a man with 17 official marathons under my belt. I am a man who runs up and down mountains for fun. I am a man who can knock out 100 miles on a...

  • Sep01201612:15 a.m.

    Race The Train.

    Monday it was when the thought solidified in my mind. My knee is not as restrictive as it was. I'm progressively able to do more. I'm off work. If I can...

  • Aug2820169:28 p.m.

    Red, White and Blue

    What is happening on Realbuzz? Where have all the blogs gone? I've got my excuse and I'm sticking to it, I'm injured so I've got no running to write about. It...

  • Aug1320168:52 p.m.

    5k? It's A Walk In The Park

    Well my fellow 'Buzzers, I am happy to report that I am enjoying some progress with the knee 😊. It still hurts, it hurts most minutes of most days, and...

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