Knee Capped!!!

A re-titled blog in light of the knee injury I have sustained. What I've done is not yet clear, but as the inflammation is subsiding it looks more like I now have a knee cone where once there was a cap. The NHS waiting list here in Wales for the op I need currently stands at 15 months, so thanks to my  short-sighted approach in never having joined BUPA,... READ MORE

  • Jan1720171:35 a.m.

    A running week in the life of... Latest

    All thoughts and opinions true at the time of writing - on the day. 

    I've not even read through - there could be stuff in here that I regret or now feel di...

  • Jan0820177:58 p.m.

    Off To An Encouraging Start

    That Buddy Run was a perfect start to the year. Everything about it just filled me up with exactly what I need to go into 2017 with the sleeves rolled up and...

  • Jan0120179:31 p.m.


    Not so much a statement as a wish I send to each and every one of you. I hope it is, for you, for me, and for everyone we hold dear. Of course there will be...

  • Dec3020168:13 p.m.

    Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun....

    Ok if I finish on time and publish on time someone's gonna be thinking "but the New Year's not begun yet?"  It has.  Believe me it has.  There...

  • Dec2720166:35 p.m.

    Home Sweet Home

    Tuesday 27 December 2016        Jubilee Plunge AS 3.2km/467m (descent)  2...

  • Dec1920168:19 p.m.

    Your Opinion Please 'Buzzers If You Would

    Well its been spoken of many a time. "You should write a book" you have said, well some of you have if not all. I have tried 'Buzzers, goodness me I have tried...

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