Vegetarian adventures in low FODMAP land

 In the early days of 2016 I started the low FODMAP elimination diet to try and get my IBS under control. I have an app but the diary function in it is hugely frustrating and not very user friendly. So I have decided to blog my eating and symptoms here for my own record keeping. If anyone reads it, I hope it's not too graphic!   READ MORE

  • Mar0620169:55 p.m.

    Reintroduction, or not.... Latest

    Eat like a saint, yes mostly-ish, big food shop, no. The intentions of the last post didn't quite work out. Drove home last Sunday, got to Uig, waited, waited, ...

  • Feb2120168:16 a.m.

    The last week, and the dietician

    You'd think, being at home, it would be easier to keep this up to date. But it was a pretty manic week all things considered. Suffice to say, food wise, it was...

  • Feb1320164:30 p.m.

    Days 26 and 27 - Thursday 11th, Friday 12th

    Thursday was pretty normal, Aerobics first thing and a walk with the dogs. We were a wee bit later going out, it was almost 7.10 and it's now nearly light. I'm...

  • Feb1020168:16 p.m.

    Days 23 to 25 - Monday to Wednesday 10th

    Monday morning, Glasgow Airport, decided against eating. On the flight you get a nice wee carton of juice and an oat bar if you're lucky, so I took my chances...

  • Feb0820162:45 p.m.

    Days 18 - 22, to Sunday 7th Feb

    Yikes! Where did the week go. Ok, this will be a run through of very brief proportions! Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th I was making do with whatever was...

  • Feb03201610:25 a.m.

    Day 17 - Tuesday 2nd Feb

    The weather was still bad, but settling, so the day began with aerobics as usual. The wind was too high & it was raining hard, so I stayed home until the...

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