Not another MDF

Not another MDF  MDF stands for Mad Dad Fad and its what my wife calls all the different ways i have tried to get fit , lose weight and generally be healthier so this is yet another go but i hope this time its different because i am writing about it. I dont expect readers but its the fact i am opening up the whole truth for the first time that... READ MORE

  • Aug1620133:24 p.m.

    one of the toughest runs yet Latest

    This morning was tough - its so hot in istanbul at the moment i didnt sleep well last night and really struggled to get the motivation to run in the morning


  • Aug1520136:59 a.m.

    rest day

    didnt run yesterday as had a big boss from UK over but at the meal I didnt drink and went for a run this morning & did some weights so no damage done !

  • Aug1320136:49 a.m.

    and repeat

    another morning run of 30 minutes - didnt get back to the gym last night as didnt get out of work until 8.30pm and ı was shattered

  • Aug1220131:21 p.m.

    good weekend

    another 1kg lost and runs of up to 50 minutes at the weekend - ran today this morning and looking to run thıs evening too  

  • Aug0920139:19 a.m.


    In an empty gym due to Bayram I ran for 30 minutes then did 10 minutes weights - also going swimming this afternoon

  • Aug08201311:21 a.m.

    still running

    since last post ıve done a run a day and today will do 2 in a day as its a national holiday in turkey so everyone else is off work bar me

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