If only Choo made running shoes!

Although I have done lots of cycling & exercise classes over the years and tried to keep fit & healthy I never considered myself a runner. I always thought I could never do that & made excuses to not get out there & give it a go, or if I did give it a go, gave it up after 1 or 2 attempts saying "Oh its not for me"! I have often watc... READ MORE

  • Jan0820176:02 p.m.

    A new year, a new start! Latest

    Apologies for the slightly late good wishes but Happy Hew Year to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful festive season.

    I am totally ashamed to say that I ha...

  • May10201611:35 a.m.

    Aaaah pictures at last!!

    Finally worked out how to add pictures as wasnt working before. But went onto RB via google chrome & works this way!!  Not much to report on ther...

  • May0320164:05 p.m.

    Famous last words!!!

    Good afternoon everyone, Well just a quick catchup visit this afternoon. Since London my running has been a big fat zero!! I thought my tiredness was just...

  • Apr2820165:10 p.m.

    VLM 2016 - A short account of the day, yeah right!!!!

    I have waited a few days before I got to writing this blog as needed to let everything sink in. Better get yourself a cuppa as might be a long one! This was my...

  • Apr2120162:52 p.m.

    London awaits!

    Good afternoon everyone, Firstly just wanted to send out my congratulations again to all the amazing buzzers who took part in the Manchester & Brighton...

  • Mar2320164 p.m.

    A new Strategy!!

    Well another month has ticked by since my last post & really can't believe how quickly the time is going. I have only managed to pop on here over the past...

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