Scarlet Runner

Having been a 'lurker' on realbuzz for a couple of years now, I have finally succumbed to the nagging (erm.........'gentle persuasion' sounds better!) of various people, and come to join you. Although I'm not doing VLM, I thought I would park my blog here, as this is where I feel most at home. I hope you don't mind. A bit about me: I live in Luzern, in Switz... READ MORE

  • Oct2120161:12 p.m.

    UTMB weekend: the spectator's view Latest

    Now that Sir Bolty has posted his UTMB account (and what a fantastic read it was), maybe I should skip on a bit and finally(!) post my view of the same weekend ...

  • Sep20201610:47 p.m.

    Sheffield, final week

    I had such a lovely run this evening (Monday) - really enjoyed it. The temperature dropped about 15° over the weekend, and the cooler conditions suit me so...

  • Sep1720167:36 p.m.

    Parkrun, and urban walking

    What a weekend that was in Realbuzz land! - it was great following and reading about all the amazing things being done, though my own contribution was very...

  • Sep07201612:04 a.m.

    Wild, wet, windy Wales

    Sorry to have been AWOL again - blame work! It is consuming far too much of my time and energy at the moment, it is very stressful, and I am really hating it....

  • Jul28201612:20 a.m.

    Snail Express

    Back from my sojourn in Sheffield, with lots to write up - not much running, admittedly, but plenty of walking. I arrived there Tuesday 21st June, J. followed...

  • Jun19201611:21 p.m.

    For the rain it raineth every day..........

    Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare, I couldn't have put it better. As a gloomy, rainy May slid into more of the same in June - rain of Biblical proportions,...

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