The Great South Run and Beyond

I have been running for a number of years now and this will be the third year in the Great South Run. I am hoping to start to increase the speed of my running as I get fitter and slimmer. My main aim with running is to enjoy it, day in day out and still be enjoying it in another 25 years time. READ MORE

  • Feb21201710:40 a.m.

    Being Sensible Latest

    The weather has turned very spring like here and is a lot warmer.

    On Sunday I completed my 18 mile run, slow and steady but fine. It was a combination of town, ...

  • Feb1420171:19 p.m.

    Half marathon done

    Sundays half marathon went OK, although it was freezing as it ran along the sea front and there was a bitter wind. I did feeling pretty tired running on Sunday...

  • Feb08201711:48 a.m.

    16 miles done

    On Saturday afternoon I had time to fit in my 16 mile run. I was running from Mum’s house, so a new route, which ran along the harbour and down to the...

  • Jan30201711:14 a.m.

    Sundays Run Done

    Sundays run was 15 miles and it went OK. It feels so slow, but is fine. In the past I have struggled with using gels but my stomach seems to have come to terms...

  • Jan2820178:55 a.m.

    Still running

    It has been very cold here this week, even the dog has been shivering and snuggled up by the radiator. I bet he wishes we had a fire to curl up by. So far this...

  • Jan2020179:49 a.m.

    A lot of runing and a bit of swimming

    This week I have been running a bit. Training for a marathon certainly involves a lot of running! Sunday was 13 miles, Monday 3 miles, Wednesday 5 miles and...

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