Just Keep Running

I'm a part time runner and always looking for the next challenge - I enjoy doing something a bit different and seeing how far I can push myself. I never really ran much as a kid and I did my first marathon about 8 years ago and have run 6 since and then my first 50 mile ultra. Then I completed 7 marathons over 7 days culminating with VLM2015. The next challe... READ MORE

  • Feb28201712:55 p.m.

    How did I end up here? Latest

    5:30am. 5 miles from home. Cold, dark and raining. I have no energy – I can barely walk let alone run. I’m really annoyed – I’ve only been going 7 miles – this ...

  • Feb2320173:28 p.m.

    January Update

    Hi everyone! Happy New Year and hope you are all still sticking tio those resolutions?! January has been a good month for me on the training front –...

  • Aug2120166:04 p.m.

    Further and faster!

    So I've been doing a treadmill challenge for the last few months - trying to knock out 4 miles in 30 minutes with a 3 minute walk at the start. This is a...

  • Aug1020168:54 a.m.

    Back on Track!

    Sorry it has been so long but I'm back! So basically since I was last on here I e become a dad again (Oliver now 6 weeks old and joins our 3 year old Emily.)...

  • Jan0820168:10 a.m.

    Run life balance

    Happy new year all! Loving all the blogs and very motivating to hear all your stories! So it's been good news bad news over Xmas! First the great news - my...

  • Nov2820153:05 p.m.

    Getting the old car running again

    So today was my first really enjoyable run since the injury - I'm still confining myself to the treadmill (hiding from the weather a bit ill admit) but after a...

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