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keep on running

Hi!  my runs so far:   Race for Life 2007, 2008, Bupa London 10,000 2009

future runs:

Race for life 2009 July

Run to the beat 2009 September

Virgin marathon 2010 (hopefully!) April

I Suppose I better get out there and get on with some training. My Goal is  to not finish last and raise some money for macmillan cancer suport. And hopfully shed a few pounds in the process

wish me luck! Vicki   (26)

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Still here!

Hi All! I'm still here! not posted for about a year i think! This year I managed to do the bupa london 10,000. Ok, it took me 1hr20 but I did it! whooop! Now training is on for Run to the Beat HALF MARATHON!in september. Its about 14 weeks away so I've ...

Race for life

I did the race for life yesterday after not running for 3 months. I did it in 32mins 18secs! 13 mins faster than last year and my personal best. Legs are killing today tho, but its given me back the running bug. Already signed up for another 5k i...

sports relief

Did the 3 miles in 43 mins. It was soooo windy it was like runing uphill! I was done after the first mile but my dad kept me going. I couldnt have done it without him after all. Woke up today and i feel terrible. Aches and pains, h...


Hello all! I am totally rubbish! I've only been out once since my last poat on 6 feb. Plus I cant actually do the bupa 10k anymore. My nan has booked and paid for a family holiday that week and i cant cancel. I'm still training for it...

-10 sec

1.2 miles as usual. ran most of it,tho walked for about 25 seconds. Still managed to knock 10 seconds off my time tho. cold tonight.  


I managed my usual 1.2 miles but with no walking breaks at all. I ran the whole thing for the first time! I could have carried on too but didnt want to do too much as it was my first time out this week after my cold. my chest doesn...


Well its the end of month 1. not been as good as i would have liked. done 6 runs totalling 8 miles in 93 mins. would have liked to get a few more runs in but am stuck indoors with this cold. oh well. bring on month 2!


I've got a terrible cold! I'm all yucky and tierd. I'm gutted.hope it doesnt last too long, i dont want to loose my progress. The only thing running for the next few days is my nose!

run 6

Run 6 last night went great! best one so far. did my usual 1.2mile(round the 'block') in 10.5mins. beat last run by a whole min, and mangaed to run nearly all of it - even the uphill section! run 5.5min walk 1min ...

run 5

Finally managed to get out again today :) bit windy and rainy but ok. run 3 mins, walk 1  run1, walk 2 - uphill run 4.5 :) will try for 5mins straight next time. 1.2 miles = ...

new shoes!

Hello! today I purchased some pink and white running shoes. I chose new balance 540's. they were in the sale so i also got some running socks and a new sports bra. Was gonna get some tights but i dont think the world is re...

bad week

I have had a bad lazy week. not been out at all except monday for 15 mins! just not been in the mood, plus the weather hasnt helped. I'm off to the sport shop tomorrow to get some running shoes and maybe some tights and rain j...


just got back from run 4 and i really struggled with it! only did 1.2miles but i just couldnt get going. dont know if it was cos its morning (usually go in eve) or cos i just wasnt in the mood. its also been 3 days since my last run. ...

missed run

I'm sorry to say i missed yesterdays (sun)run. i was too hung over! I'm going to go today instead while the kids are at nursery, tho i'm finding it hard to get motivated and tear myself away from day time tv. better just get o...

run 3

08:00pm 10 Jan 0hr 20mins 2.00 miles Run 3 went very well I think! I decided to try a bit further and ran to the next village,...

run 2

This evening i went for my 10 min jog as per my 10k begginers training plan. I was out 13 mins altogether and surprised myself at how far i could actual run without  a walking break! :) 2.5 min jog, 1 min walk 1.5 min jog,...

day 1

Just got back from my first run and have a headache! I must invest in a hat. I went out for a total of 23 mins including warm up. 2 min jog, 1 min walk 2 min jog, 1 min walk, 1 min jog (uphill) 1 mi...


Hi! After completing Race for Life in 2007, I got all excited and entered the Bupa 10k. Now I'm starting to panic! I Suppose I better get out there and get on with some training. My Goal is  to not fini...