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Running Training
I ran when I was younger did 2:44 marathon, had a break for 8 years and started again rather fat ...
Will calf compression guards help with shin splints?
Running Training
What is the best way to train for a downhill race if there are no hills for me to train ...
Motivation & Music
Do you have any motivation tips I can use during my training runs?
Running Nutrition
Can you recommend alternatives to gels for refueling during long runs (and the marathon)? Real food ideally...
Running Nutrition
I try and eat grain and gluten free which can mean I struggle for energy while running – do you ...
Running Training
I’m running my first marathon, any race plan recommendations?
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Louise Damen

Louise has been running for over 20 years, with the last 16 of those at International level. She has represented Grea...