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Phil Roberton
Running Nutrition

I started running to lose weight and don't really want to eat carbohydrates; will this affect my performance?

Carbohydrates are a hugely important part of any runner’s diet, as they’ll give you the energy needed to fuel your workouts. You might think that cutting out key food groups will aid weight loss, but if you don’t have enough energy for your training sessions they will not be a pleasant experience and will give poor results. If you are carrying extra weight then I would recommend looking at your nutrition. Extra weight does put extra stresses on your joints. Nutrition is a complicated subject and everyone is unique.

Firstly, I think it's important to make a food diary so you are accountable for the food you are eating. Look at your patterns of eating, stay away from processed foods, increase your water consumption, and don't forget your fruit and vegetables. If you are still struggling, then seek out a nutritionist to work with. 

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