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Running Training

Whatever distance I run, my pace seems the same. How can I improve?

Difficulty in changing pace across different distances is a common problem amongst runners but one that is also quite easy to solve. Effectively if you want to run faster, you have to train faster and that means speed-work. Speed-work is guaranteed to make you a faster runner and can vary from ad-hoc sessions where you vary the pace ‘as you feel’ to more structured sessions for specific times and with exact, timed recoveries.

A great sample session is to warm up, followed by 3 x 8-10 minutes at a brisk pace, separated by 3 minutes very easy jogging and finishing with a cool down. The key to speed training is to gradually introduce it into your programme, following each session with either a rest or an easy running day, with a maximum of two sessions per week.

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Running Training
I want to follow a published 16 week training plan for the London Marathon. Currently I run long runs of 12 to 16 miles at weekends. All the plans start with much shorter long runs (6-8 miles). Should I reduce my long runs when I start the plan or carry on until the plan catches up with me?
Answered by
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Running Training
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