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Louise Damen
Running Training

I ran when I was younger did 2:44 marathon, had a break for 8 years and started again rather fat 7 years ago. 2012 after losing weight I did 3:08 and have steadily been dropping to 2:41 this year. I’m 50 next year and currently training on the 85mi + Pfitzingers Advanced plan. Do you think sub 2:40 is possible or will age get the better of me and how can I adapt the plan for the better?

There’s absolutely no reason why age should be a barrier to that 2:40 barrier! If you ran 2:41 last year then sub 2:40 is certainly a realistic target to aim for.

Whilst no training plan should ever be set in stone, it becomes even more important to listen to your body as your become older. As muscles age, the number and size of the individual muscle fibres decreases. This means that the body takes longer to recover between harder efforts. Try to listen to what your body is telling you and don’t be afraid to adapt your training when necessary. If you are feeling tired or have a niggle then schedule some extra easy days before your next hard workout.

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