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Louise Damen
Women's Running

Should I wear a sports bra for running?

Whatever your size, the answer to this is a definite ‘yes’! Without a correctly fitted sports bra, you risk permanent breast damage and a lot of discomfort. Breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue and are supported by skin and fragile ligaments. During repetitive, high impact sports such as running, the breasts bounce and pull on these ligaments, forcing them to stretch. As the ligaments are non-elastic, once they have stretched the damage is irreversible. Without correct support you are also more likely to experience back pain and shoulder problems, particularly if you have a big bust.

If you have never worn a sports bra before, opt for your usual bra size but be open to trying on different sizes to find the perfect fit. The bra should fit snugly, but not be so tight that you struggle to breathe.

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