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My Blog started as a diary of my 24 week London Marathon Training. I trained hard for 5 months for the London Marathon 2012 to become badly injur...

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  • Getting fit.


    Jul0220154:32 p.m.

    Absolutely in awe of lots of you guys and girls at the moment. Such high mileage, night runs, and great efforts. Well done everyone, all very inspiring.

    My new plan starts on Sunday 12 July with 13 weeks of intense training before York Marathon. Since coming back from injury and 7 weeks off I have just been trying over the last month to get some base training in to get fit and stay injury free. I have been focusing more on shorter distances and trying to get my pace back to somewhere close to marathon pace. It is amazing and frustrating just how quickly you lose this and how difficult it is to get the sharpness back. This was most apparent at a track session on Tuesday night. Yes it was very hot, still 29 degrees at 7pm but I honestly felt like I had never run before as I pushed through the session of 10 x 300 m sprint with 30 secs recovery. My recoveries were creeping towards 50 secs I must admit. I felt good after and the struggle only makes me want even more to improve and get my fitness back.

    I am under no illusion that this 13 week plan is going to challenge me. I had the same feeling on Sunday when I ran as part of a team event in the Millenium Way Relay. I ran so hard and had nothing left at the end of the 9.5 mile leg over moors, fields and trails but I know I was fitter on that same leg last year. My foot was quite sore afterwards so I took the decision not to run on Monday however I did go play football in the park with James. I have kept my childhood of playing football with my older brother and his mates quiet and impressed him but not for more than 30 mins because it was definitely not helping my painful foot. 

    Thankfully by Tuesday I had no pain and with a rare day off and a glorious sunny day James and I headed out for a walk which took in the moorland and overlooked the farm that I grew up on for 17 years. A lovely 6 mile walk and trip down memory lane followed by the already mentioned track session was Tuesday done. 

    Last night I had to deliver my dad home who had finally been convinced to go to A & E with his twice the size left foot and leg that he had heard snap a week before. He is a farmer and was somehow managing to struggle on but a week in and the swelling and pain getting worse he was potted up in A & E with a ruptured Achilles. Ouch! Anyway this meant that even though he had driven himself there he couldn't drive himself back so mum took me to hospital to collect him and I drove him in his land rover home. Here I saw an opportunity for a run and ran across country from theirs to meet the canal to run back home. I wasn't exactly sure of the distance I was just hoping it was no more than 9 miles. It was hot and humid and this week I have suffered with my asthma worse than I ever have before but I enjoyed the run and it felt good to be finally getting some regular running in. I was pretty glad to see my front door as my watch said 8.5 miles and very ready for a cool shower to wash off thousands of midges I had collected along the way. 

    I am going to watch a bike race in Skipton tonight. Not sure exactly what it is as we seem to have these events very regularly since the Tour de France here last year but its building some excitement in town so would be a shame to miss it since its on my doorstep. I will be running later though, just a gentle 6 miles to keep me ticking over. 10 more days until the plan starts and I can't wait. 

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    • hollywooddave 'yipiee! you promised a blog and here it is!! im from farming stock too top ten ali! we made strong eh! your dad ploughing on for a week with a raptured achilles shows me how much of a legend he is! just like his ankle biting daughter:)) well done on your runs! every run is good so dont worry about pace! keep on pushing young lady!' added 2nd Jul 2015

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    • gloshawk 'Fair play to your dad - plenty of Buzzer spirit shown there! Like father, like daughter indeed. Sounds as if the running is going to come back, and you're certainly champing at the bit aren't you? Silken footie skills as well, eh - multi talented, you are. A nice trip down memory lane too; there's nothing like a bit of nostalgia. Here's to the training plan for York. On a yard!' added 2nd Jul 2015

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    • LeightonSean 'Hi Ali , glad to hear you are back running again. I know exactly what you mean about the effect of having time off from running , I have felt like I am running through treacle with heavy weights strapped to my legs and i only had 10 days off ! I'm sure you will be back to your best before too long. I hope your Dad is ok and doesn't do himself anymore mischief . Good luck with the training' added 2nd Jul 2015

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Glad the build up is going well, cross training with a bit of footie sounds good. Blimey your Dad is one tough cookie, clearly runs in the family, I hope he is recovering well. Onwards to York.' added 2nd Jul 2015

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    • gaellebryant 'You are amazing Ali and even though you are "only" building fitness you are already clicking a lot of miles! Looking forward to hearing your journey to York and to meeting you in snowdon. To a pain free 6 months...' added 3rd Jul 2015

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    • Rob_Barber 'Yep, typical farmer is yer dad. They're a tough breed. The trip down memory lane sounds fantastic, especially having grown up on the farm. The long days carting bales and harvesting spuds are right up there amongst my own favourite memories of youth. I reckon these days the bigger machinery and smaller labour force on farms, the 3 cuts of silage instead of 1 of hay, it won't be quite the same. I've seen your GFA entry on Facebook, and I know the same grit and unstoppable force that drives your dad is alive and kicking in you, and I have no doubt you'll give it everything you've got for the 13 weeks to come' added 4th Jul 2015

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