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YES, I'LL HAVE A LOOK NOT NOW Please, don't show me this again

Highs and Lows of Marathon Training!! Hopefully more Highs!! by Ali_Dewy


My Blog started as a diary of my 24 week London Marathon Training. I trained hard for 5 months for the London Marathon 2012 to become badly injur...

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Started: 7 Nov 2012

Last post: 23 Oct 2014

  • Really it is THIS Saturday? :/


    Oct2320144:15 p.m.

    It is 3:30 on Thursday and I have just realised I am running the toughest marathon course I have ever run in less than 2 days. This should fill me with panic and dread but it doesn't and a part of me wishes it would as I just don't feel at all ready or even like it is happening. Usually I have spent the 2 week build up carefully resting, tapering, eating healthily, with all my kit decisions made, gels bought and I am all sorted and prepared. Not this time I am afraid and the worrying thing should be that this is going to be tough. Maybe it is a good thing that I am so laid back about it? But I do feel I need to start to focus and prepare better as this course deserves respect. Don't get me wrong I am still really looking forward to the whole event and meeting all the other Realbuzzers that are going to Snowdonia this weekend but I think that is all I am thinking about rather than the actual matter of a very tough 26.2 miles of running. My main dilemma at the moment is on what I will be running in on Saturday. I have run all 4 of my other marathons in my running vest but I feel that Wales and the hills are going to require a little more body cover but I worry I will be too hot in long sleeves. Also do we carry jackets? I would rather not set off wearing it to get too hot but is it silly not to be prepared for wet weather? All things I need to make decisions on and I am probably going to pack everything for every eventuality. As for running and fitness I have done very little running since York 10 days ago. My first run was on the Wednesday morning after and I only did 3 miles and was really tired. I had a sports massage afterwards which felt really good though. I planned on doing a couple more little runs over the weekend but lucky me was wisked off to Edinburgh for a surprise birthday treat on Thursday morning for 3 nights and although I thought about taking my running stuff I quickly thought again and decided to just go away, rest and enjoy. We did do an awful lot of walking though and jeez there are a lot of steps in Edinburgh. I also possibly slightly over indulged on eating and drinking whilst away so again not the best prep 1 week before a marathon but hey it was a lot of fun. Once home I thought I better try work some of it off though although not wanting to do too much this week I did 6 miles on Monday and felt ok (if not a little sluggish). Tuesday night I went to club training for a track session where I did 8 x 400m efforts with 200m recoveries. I didn't push 100% and then just jogged round for another 10 mins whilst the rest of the group completed their sets to do 12 x 400m. I will do another gentle run this evening of upto 5 miles depending on how I feel.

    My friend Katie (also running on Saturday) and I are planning on arriving in Llanberis at around 3pm tomorrow to register. I am sure we may see some of you tomorrow, I know a few are staying pretty close to where we are on Llanberis high street. For those I don't meet tomorrow good luck on Saturday and I will see you at the long awaited after party :) 

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    • hollywooddave 'see you tomorrow ali!' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • libbylaird 'See you tomorrow, we should be arriving around the same time (traffic permitting!). I am packing for every eventuality and will then decide Saturday morning what to wear/take and then most likely change my mind! See you then!' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'See you in the mountains Ali!' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • HOBSCowboy 'I'll be around on Friday afternoon - Oggie will be parked in his camper next to the expo with Brian offering his coffee making skills. Take it easy, no pressure run. On clothing the wind will chill it down to 8c but that will drop a further 3-4c on the hill tops (but then we'll be hot getting to the top right?) Chance of rain is diminishing at the moment. I'm running in shorts and t shirt, but carrying my karimor running jacket. Edinburgh sounds lovely (Belated Happy Birthday) - and the over indulgence is all good carb loading' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • Nick 'All the best for Saturday! remember -what goes up, must come down!' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • gloshawk 'All those Edinburgh steps count as hill work Ali! I am packing a bag of running stuff, fit for all conditions. Oh, and I'm packing a thirst. Most definitely a thirst!! See you tomorrow.' added 23rd Oct 2014

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