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  • Kent Coastal Marathon 07-09-14


    Sep0820148:46 p.m.

    Things seem a lot different these days in that there are so many marathons that you can enter on the day. This being one of them.

    I can see the sea from here.

    It is quite a way away from us, about a two hour drive with no traffic, so we left the house shortly after 6am. The last time i did it (2009 - report here) we stayed over at our old friends Mike & Rae's who live in Broadstairs, a few miles from the HQ in Margate.

    We got there in plenty of time. Registered £25 (bargain), pinklepause, coffee & game of frisbee

    Jodi Hanagan Photography: Fosters Law Marathon and Half 07.09.2014, Thanet, Kent &emdash;

    Last minute vaseline application & 1st time i'd taped up my toes as they had been rubbing on my new HOKAs, and then headed to the start.

    Jodi Hanagan Photography: Fosters Law Marathon and Half 07.09.2014, Thanet, Kent &emdash; Pretty soon we were off!


    A change of route saw us doubling back and reaching the start at 2 miles.

    High fives

    The first half i would say was definitely undulating, and i'm sure it was a challenging half for those doing that but alas for me at this stage it was trying to keep it steady under 9 min miles around 4hr pace.

    Was enjoying it so far, good to have a chat with RB star Keith Luxon, who i first met a good few years ago at the Rickyroadrun.

    Can you spot him in the pic? (in the 100mara club vest)

    Jodi Hanagan Photography: Fosters Law Marathon and Half 07.09.2014, Thanet, Kent &emdash; 1st half was proper hot

    Some sections had a nice sea breeze but by the time we hit Broadstairs it was sweltering. Saw my lot again there, where they were having time on the beach before heading back to rendez-vous at the halfway.

    After we turned at Ramsgate the wind was with us so it got even hotter.

    My lot weren't there?? I decided i would try some of the gels that were on offer despite them not being the type i had trained with (and was expecting to be handed by the better half). Yeah i know... and yes you're right that was a mistake. They were really watery (SiS gel?) and after taking it, after about 5 mins it was like i had a serpent in my tummy. Undeterred i was being pulled alonng by a guy called Russ who did a great job in keeping me going.

    It got all misty not long after the halfway mark and the cool was a welcome relief.

    It got a little bleak as we headed west out of Margate on the sea wall, but the marshals were doing a brilliant job keeping our spirits up. The locals were cheering us all on aswell which was great.

    By 18m i was feeling tight behind my right knee and my hamstring was starting to twinge. I hoped i wasn't gonna cramp up like at Callanish.

    It was after we turned and headed back that i first had to stop and stretch out my right leg, about mile 20 or so. And so this pattern continued - run for a half mile to a mile then have a stretch. Not much fun but i was still moving ok.

    With a mile and a bit to go, there's a tough hill, right by the Turner gallery. My support crew were there, and as i started off up the hill the marshal told the kids to race me lol. They ran all the way up... bless 'em.

    Last bit now...  don't give up...  aarghhh

    Was a really nice finish actually, and boy was i ready for it. The mc called my name and cheered me on, the kids ran me in... which turned into a bit of a sprint finish - you know how my boy is so competitive :P

    Great to see my both kids enjoying running.... hope that continues

    Jodi Hanagan Photography: Fosters Law Marathon and Half 07.09.2014, Thanet, Kent &emdash; Highlight of the day for me

    Just missed out on my 4 hours but definitely happy enough with my 4:03:02.65. Full results here.

    The more observant of you will realise i'm not in my club vest - the reason being, i've been having a LOT of trouble with joggers n*pple - our man marc phillips said i should try a compression top... so i did... and it worked. Cheeeeeeerss marc!!

    Headed to the Albion Hotel after i'd freshened up. I ate a burger and had a couple of pints of Guiness with my old mate Mike the maths teacher :o)

    Good to see all our kids still getting on so well. Mike's boy Tom is a real chatterbox :)

    tech top
    Nice Medal
    Thanks to Thanet Roadrunners AC, and the army of marshals for a super well organised event.
    Good photos too, thanks Jodie Hanagan for letting us post here.


    Thinking of doing the LDWA Birmingham Canal Canter on Saturday. Webbie here. Only £15 eod :o)






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