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Race reports, so i can remember them when i'm old and grey x  

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Started: 13 Apr 2008

Last post: 20 Oct 2014

  • (3 of 5) Chelmsford Parks Marathon 19-10-14


    Oct2020147:44 p.m.

    After last weeks result i was beginning to feel a little invincible, and ventured over to Chelmsford full of confidence. Sure it was going to be quite warm (18°C) but there would be quite a lot of wind so that looked ok. I'd also lost 5lb after each marathon and as this was the main idea behind doing so many (apart from hoping that the marathon distance might hurt less, the more of them i completed :). Not missing a trick, I'd been pretty good inbetween marathons, eating fresh stuff and not breaking out the biscuits too often!

    Arrived in Chelmsford after about 80 mins, which was pretty good. Managed to get free parking - always a good thing. 5 minutes and we arrived in Central Park, where everything was happening.

    It started off light drizzle but soon looked brighter

    Bags dropped off, then made my way to the main area by the start where the warm up was to be done. It was all running a little behind schedule. Saw Mr.Luxon over the other side of the pen deep in conversation. 4 waves of us set off one at a time (the course was pretty narrow around the main park especially under the underpass which was divided into 3 lanes - 2 for runners going both ways and one for pedestrians).

    The local support was good and enthusiastic. We did a loop around the main park then onto the next little park where there were nice gardens and a change of scenery. Then before we knew it we were onto the big loop... which took us out to the multi terrain part. If you know the area the route was  "Central Park, through Admirals Park, Bellmead Park, Tower Gardens, the beautiful village of Writtle and picturesque Hylands Park."

    Needless to say the big loop was pretty good, nice scenery, quite well supported, and the off road bits i thought worked really well.

    So... i started off pretty quick...

    8:28, 8:29, 8:53...

    i like to get a bit up incase my garmin is out a little bit... you know

    Right about now i met this young dude called Kevin who, it turns out was from Hemel, and he's mad into Ultras and that. He had a stress fracture in his ankle which happened about mile 86 (near watford) towards the end of a Birmingham to London ultra... bummer. We was having a right good blether. He was a bit quicker than me but i felt fine and was enjoying it so just naturally speeded up... just a little.

    8:24, 8:17, 8:23...

    he used to like to think he was an old rave head, bit like me i guess. Bit of cross country now... this route was great. We were flying along and the miles were ticking by really quickly

    8:15, 8:15, 8:13...

    Now as we were coming downhill through the lovely village of Writtle, where it was quite sheltered, the sun was out (20°C) and as i was belting along much quicker than i should have been, i felt a warm sensation rising up from my feet up my whole body to my neck. No i hadn't wet myself :P but i felt a little panicked as i thought i was going to faint. I told Kevin what was going on and just eased back. My heart rate was 180... clearly i'm still too fat to be running that fast just yet :o)

    I slowed down a bit let my HR get right down but was still feeling alittle shaken. I had a gel and then few handfuls of haribo / jelly babies from the super generous locals. It was only mile 9....  16 more to go. This carried on for a bit until about mile 12 or so when i decided to walk and have a proper rest.  And as i started up again i felt a little light headed, and so i decided to walk for a bit more....

    And so it continued... run walk... it was not a lot of fun, and i really thought i'd blown it. I kept moving. The time was long out of the window now and was not a concern. I'd be happy with a 4:30. Sure i wasn't feeling too good, but, i realised about mile 20 that i'd lost my head a bit, i had focused on the high BPM and tbh lost my nerve a bit. Although 180 might seem excessively high (and sure yeah it is high), my Forest of Dean average HR was 166 BPM.

    By 22 i was feeling a lot better and managed to start running properly again. Ran the last 4.5 miles strongly.

    I have to say that although the larger route was good, the little loop was harsh, especially at mile 23 - to have to run around the finish and then back out the park again was soul destroying lol. I wasn't even sure if they knew where i was going. Anyway evidently they did 'cos after 26.56m according to mr Garmin i crossed the line....


    knackered in 4:08:29.

    Almost headed to the car without my bag. But battled with some orange temporary fencing (why did they put that up everywhere ffs lol) to join the large queue...


    ...and picked up my bag.

    Nice goodie bag with a couple of flap jacks you know them lovely apricot yogurt ones and a pret pecan flapjack which i havent had yet but it looks scrummy.


    Nice Medal

    Not sure it's metal though!
    T-Shirt too
    Felt a little ropey at work today but the slower time again made the legs heal super quickly... i noticed myself running up the stairs earlier hehe.
    On the up, my race bag packing and getting stuff ready for marathon is now nailed, and not the stress it used to be... awesome sauce.
    Also the newest HOKAs did their job brilliantly.... \o/
    To be brutally honest i was little worried about this Sunday's Brentwood Marathon.... but i'm sure if i start out gently, or even right from the back of the field... then just speed up gradually i might just finish it without keeling over x 
    Lesson Learned
    Any thoughts?

    Comments (5)

    • hollywooddave 'Only one thought from me pal.. Bloody gutsy effort!! brilliant. It would have been easy to pull out but you battled on for still in my book a bloody good time! We learn a lot about ourselves when the going gets tough. I've learnt a lot about you in this blog and from that race:) hats off big guy:)' added 20th Oct 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Nice blog thanks, agree with HD, gutsy effort and a blooming good time! I never got on with Hokas myself as they scrambled my toes! Good luck with Brentwood Marathon, remember .... Easy, Strong, Finish! :) ' added 21st Oct 2014

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    • Nick 'Well done on finishing at Chelmsford in a decent time. And you say you are planning another one at Brentford this weekend! Well I'm sure you know what you're doing, but take it easy in the early stages and try and finish strong!' added 21st Oct 2014

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    • marcphillips 'A good write up there Andy, take Nick's advice and go easy to start, save something for the dash to the line! Good luck at Brentwood as well' added 21st Oct 2014

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    • DXbloke 'Yes, well done mate, but take it easy at Brentford, I can't afford to send the flowers ! lol :)' added 22nd Oct 2014

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