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Well i have a place for Virgin Money London Marathon 2014, as a fifth time unsuccessful applicant, and i hope to run another GFA time

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  • Welwyn 10k 28-06-14


    Jun2820147:15 p.m.

    Krim had showed an interest in this one earlier in the year as he lives a stone's throw from the start, so i'd had us booked in for a month or two. We'd run the NEW Garden City 10 together in September, last year, which was great (report HERE) so high expectations.

    Having completed the South Downs Marathon last saturday (report HERE), my legs seemed suprisingly good! I could navigate stairs with no difficulty at all, which was a new one on me! After having missed Tuesday's club tempo run, and not being able to make the club Handicap run on the Thursday as the missus had a board meeting, when i finished work early, I decided to go for an easy run to the allotment, which would normally make it just under eight miles. However after a couple of miles i started feeling really ropey!  Dagnabbit! I rerouted home making it about 2.7 miles and laid on the couch eating biscuits.... which come to think of it, since the marathon, that is all i have been doing!

    So yeah was wondering a bit how today would pan out, and hence hadn't planned on heading out too hard or anything. The start was calm as we had started (purposefully) midpack. It was quite slow as we meandered through the town centre, which was actually quite well supported by the locals which was nice, before heading out into the fields. The weather was lovely actually with no signs of the rain, or indeed the thunderstorms which had been forcast when i had last looked a couple of days ago! 

    I was running ok, and no sign of any ropiness at all. Had a thoroughly enjoyable run over fields, tracks and roads. It was well marshalled with a couple of waterstops. Scenery was great. It was good to catch up with Krim, since i changed jobs we only really seem to see each other at these events. 

    There was a steepish longish hill at about 7k, but we worked well up it and then was ready for the mainly downhill (albeit through narrow field paths) last mile and a half. So far the first 5 splits were 8:04, 8:36, 7:57, 8:09 & 8:56, slightly above Krim's Half Marathon pb, so he was doing good, but at 5 miles i was straining at the leash, so i thought, as i was feeling so good i'd push on. 

    What fun, bounding along through the meadows overtaking through long grass. A couple of guys did the classic and had a sprint finish, you know really duking it out but they didn't realise the finish was 100m further, ie. sharp left down the alley and out onto the school sports field... teehee i got them both \o/  

    Mile six split was 6:15, and i covered the final 0.14m (racing line;) at 5:18 pace. Well chuffed with the final split & glad i felt ok, finishing in 48:41, and Krim just under 50 mins. A good day out. Nice technical T-Shirt but no medal. Good blast out next time!

    Back to Krim's for lunch, a bit of gardening and a quick cider, which was awesome, thanks dude. Could have stayed all day. Hope you'll join me for Barcelona on your birthday weekend!




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