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Well i have a place for Virgin Money London Marathon 2014, as a fifth time unsuccessful applicant, and i hope to run another GFA time

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  • Black Park Parkrun #249 29-03-14


    Mar2920141:04 p.m.

    Since the Ashridge Boundary Run, i have not really been enjoying my running. Picked up a calf niggle and had to miss my long run last Sunday, which was meant to be only my second 20 miler before London that is.... Went to the club on tuesday, all recovered after session with Martin the club physio and nailed 10x yassoo 800s  all sub 3:30, and a couple closer to 3:00. Thanks Andy Bishop i must say, without whom i would have just jogged around! However on Thursday i was out for an easy run and i felt so lethargic i was run/walking by the end and managed 7.3 miles... oh boy. Perhaps my legs really have just had enough of all this training now lol

    Bearing that in mind i decided i ought to move my Jantastic target from 20:30 to 20:40 for todays blast... Of course this was max effort & running naked (no Garmin)

    Seems summer is here at last... lovely. No Dave, he was called into work... Nevermind. Johnny & I bowled up with plenty of time, so we had a lazy jog warm up. I was still feeling lethargic and therefore wondering what was gonna happen.

    The usual pre-race blurb... there are no marshals out on the course, follow the arrows, watch out for the posts on the left etc etc, then...


    Assoon as i rounded the first corner...

    ...i noticed Vinnie up ahead. I contemplated sprinting to catch up with him to say hello, then of course decided not to. Johnny was with me at the start but i couldn't see him at all. Pacing himself no doubt. Or perhaps i had gone off too fast, more likely. Hadn't run a 5k for ages and training on the whole had been going well. Was pretty pleased with my fitness by 2k. Felt strong, and seemed to be going well. I tired a little between 3 & 4k but by then Johnny was back with me and was urging me on. I told him to go on ahead, and so he did with 500m or so to go, chasing down an 8 year old lol. I did give it everything and crossed the line absolutely shattered.

    Vince, who had done 7 miles before the race then invited us on a warm down which was nice, turned out to be an extra 4.5 miles or so. He went on to do another lap taking him to 20 for the day... and then work later! Wish i could do that!

    My final long run on jantastic which was meant to be 17 tomorrow... 2 weeks out seems far too high now, i think i got the weeks mixed up or thought we would be 3 weeks out... never mind! Will just do 12 or something nice n' gentle maybe a little more depending how my legs are after todays bashing :o)

    Vinnie did well coming in 16th place in 19:36

    Johnny pushed ahead for 30th place in 20:27

    Super happy with my 31st place and 20:33 \o/


    Full results HERE

    I shouldn't have bottled it this morning and changed my predicted time after all! :o)

    This will be the fastest i've run 5k for a few years, can't tell you exactly as my laptop still isn't fixed  but anyways... it's all good.

    Thanks to Mr Priddy & all the volunteers down at Black Park today, great event as usual. And ofcourse hats off to resident photographer George Mardall who as usual captured it in print perfectly.

    Now for F1 qualifying that i recorded and then a little time down the allotment, and perhaps a snooze thrown in :o)

    Have fun!

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