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When I was little I always used to watch The London Marathon every year from start to finish.  I remember telling my Mum and Dad even from that e...

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  • Long Run The Day After The Night Before


    Dec1520137:36 p.m.

    I had a 10 mile long run scheduled today, unfortunately the only problem was that I had my work's Christmas party last night!  I can't say I was particularly looking forward to the run and expected to really struggle today after quite a few beers last night.  I actually didn't feel too bad when I woke up but thought I'd wait until the afternoon before I set off.  Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I expected and I managed to keep up a half decent pace the whole way, without stopping.  This was much better than I had expected.  However, this is definitely not something I would recommend and I won't be making a habit of it that's for sure.  This festive  time of the year it's very hard to fit in the running and stick to the plan but I'm trying!  Ha ha.  I keep looking up in the sky while I'm running but I still haven't seen Santa yet!

    Happy Running Guys.

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    • DaveCH 'What`s wrong with beer? Plenty of water and carbohydrates. Just ignore the head.' added 15th Dec 2013

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Keep going, the enthusiasm is definitely there and will stand you in good stead for pre and post Christmas training. Well done :) ' added 15th Dec 2013

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    • Keith_L 'Once ran a marathon with ahuge hangover - it was an experience shall we say :-)' added 16th Dec 2013

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    • DavidHaworth1965 'Hollywood Dave would probably say you should never run WITHOUT a hangover! I have always found a headache goes as soon as I start running! But I think you're right; don't make a habit of it! My plan has a 5 mile run on Boxing day, can't wait for that one...' added 16th Dec 2013

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