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 Always hated running! For some strange reason though, ever since watching that very first London Marthon in 1981, I've kept on watching,&nb...

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  • Sidetracked.


    Apr1920144:09 p.m.

    Well I should have been racing today. Fell racing. It was a race that has been on my radar for a couple of years now, and one of significant importance for my long term goal - that Paddy Buckley round.

    Moelwyn Bach...

    ... is the most southerly of the rounds 47 peaks. At 2,329ft it is far from being the highest in Snowdonia, but the peaks in this part of Snowdonia are reputedly of an entirely different character underfoot. I've never been on them before. I was really looking forward to this opportunity to feel it out for myself, to get to meet this little mountain and its bigger brother, Moelwyn Mawr (2,526ft)...

    ... to run on the ridge that adjoins them and have a look at the terrain between Moelwyn Mawr and the beautiful and pointy Cnicht, the next peak on the Buckley round.

    I have done a fell race on Cnicht before - it was superb!!

    My day has had to be postponed for the second year in a row. I guess I'll be going up there with the walking boots.

    I am gutted!

    Would have been a good run out fitness wise too. From the start in Blaenau Ffestiniog the course was a kind of 'flag flapping in the breeze' shape, an out and back section connecting village to mountains, with a long rough loop in the mountains high.

    My next marathon is May 4th, down in Wiltshire, and I was seeing this race as an important part of being in the right sort of shape for that.

    I can't be bitter about missing it - the boy had toothache so severe last night we had to take him to A & E, and they dosed him up on morphine. Not happy with his dentist right now. Been into an emergency dentist this morning who has covered the nerve which his regular dentist had left exposed.

    We've been away in Cheddar this last week. Been a good week. Britain's largest inland cliffs are homed in that famous gorge, there is much there I can appreciate. Gough's cave was amazing too.

    Luckily no tooth trouble whilst we were down there. Luckily too there was Wi-Fi, so I was able to read up all the brilliant blogs that have been written about that brilliant day in London last Sunday. What a treat! What a bunch of superstars you all are :-)

    The tales of your trials and triumphs have really lit the fire under my belly again. Even with the marathons I've still got planned, ditching the Cotswold Way had left me feeling rather flat.

    In all honesty (and I know this is going to sound ridiculous with 5 marathons already ticked off this year) I've only been cruising along in 1st gear anyway. It is the focus on running relaxed that does it.

    You have spurred me on to build the revs and go up a gear. I've run every day so far this week, even missing my race today and with everything else going on, I've still managed to get out for a pretty zippy 3 miler.

    I know if everything comes together just right that I ought to be capable of achieving a "good for age" time. On the basis of the half marathon in Blackpool (where I met our pocket rocket Ali), the three different race time predictors I've looked at are all showing within a few seconds of 3:15 for the marathon.

    After such sterling efforts on your part, I feel almost like I owe it to you guys to put the pedal to the metal and have a real good go at it.

    If there is an attempt at that coming, it will be at the Loch Ness marathon in September. For now at least, I'd rather be on the mountains. These mountains....


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    • hollywooddave 'My auntie Annie was from Blaenau Ffestiniog mr barber ! Happy memories :) I remember going to the park year after year when I was a kid!! Hope your sons tooth gets better too, mrs h a dental hygienist so any advice you need just yell! I know what you mean about being inspired by the legends on here, I've done something this week I've never done before! Blog on Monday lol! I saw the speed at which you can run at St. Albans and boy oh boy was it fast! I reckon 3.15 is gonna get tonked by you:) all the best pal!' added 19th Apr 2014

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    • DavidHaworth1965 'Sorry you missed the run, but it sounds like you are running well right now, best of luck for May the 4th, sorry I can't be there to witness another great Barber run!' added 19th Apr 2014

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    • LeightonSean 'Rob i hope your son is ok now . Loved the pictures - I remember visiting Blaenau Ffestiniog as a boy , lovely place. Good luck on May 4th - give it all you've got.' added 19th Apr 2014

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    • Nick 'That's bad luck, Rob. I hope your lad is feeling better by now. I guess the mountains will still be there for you to run around!' added 19th Apr 2014

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    • KickAS_Kat 'Really sorry to hear about your boy Rob and hoping he's feeling a lot better now. Those beautiful mountains will always be there and having to miss out today just made you a whole lot hungrier! Sounds like you had a great week down in Cheddar - good for the soul. My eldest posted a photo of FB a couple of weeks ago taken from the top of the cliffs in Cheddar Gorge looking down to the road below - really glad I didn't know he was doing that at the time!! Massive good luck on the 4th :) x' added 19th Apr 2014

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    • sfarley23 'Oh dear, poor Oli! Sounds very painful. Please give him my very best wishes and I hope he's feeling better. I am often told I am "good for my age..." but maybe not that good! You don't owe it to me to do anything Rob, just enjoy your running. Though I am sure you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. x' added 19th Apr 2014

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    • moose10 'hope the lad is ok that sounds damn nasty and it doesn't effect all his easter eggs. sorry to here about the run but you'll be fresher come the 4th Cant wait for the gfa challenge should be doable for a man of your pace. ' added 20th Apr 2014

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    • John_W_A 'Hope your son is better now Rob, teeth can be so painful and I'm not a fan of Dentists. Never mind about the run, you have the 4th to look forward to, good luck!' added 20th Apr 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'How's the lad this morning Rob? Better I hope. Hate dentists myself. Such a shame you missed the run, the photos look superb. You'll get out there soon though and good luck when you do :)' added 20th Apr 2014

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Beautiful photos Rob. So sorry you didn't get to enjoy them first hand. I hope your son's toothache is better. I'm sure you'll batter that gfa target' added 20th Apr 2014

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    • Runwithroxy 'Looks like it would be a beautiful run Rob. Hope the enforced rest pays you back with a stronger run next time around x ' added 20th Apr 2014

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    • Raring_to_go 'What lovely pics. Can imagine just how alive you would feel running there. Hope your son is better now - that tooth nerve pain must have been agonising.' added 20th Apr 2014

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