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 Always hated running! For some strange reason though, ever since watching that very first London Marthon in 1981, I've kept on watching,&nb...

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  • Cautiosly Optimistic :-)


    Sep2820146:02 p.m.

    Well I slipped in a sneaky one this morning folks Smile. Saw the posters last weekend when I was with my daughter, had a look on-line when I got home, and it was the final day for entries. 

    The week has seen me cycle to work just the once on Monday 'cause the hedgecutters have been out in force, and have a good session on the rollers Wednesday, hitting 30mph for 15 minutes in all (Sir Bradley Wiggins I am not). I ran 7.5 miles Tuesday, 10 miles on Thursday. Injuries are still very much there, and with my ability to stretch still seriously hampered by my back, I know about it at this sort of mileage.

    I will not be coming at Snowdonia from a position of strength, I am definitely coming from a position of weakness. The thing you should be taking from that, barring further disaster, I AM coming Smile.

    I was ready for a rest on Friday, then had a terrible day yesterday, everything going wrong, always behind where I needed to be, and not getting food, or sleep, when I needed it. Not the warm up I wanted for today...

    The Macclesfield Half Marathon Smile.

    Thought it would be just the thing for testing out the legs in the right way, enough but not too much. There's the Red Bull Steeplechase next weekend. That was meant to be my last long run before Snowdonia, as things have turned out, it will be my only one Undecided, and I'm sure to be walking chunks of it.

    Being a bit of an undulating course, I didn't know what to expect from Macc really, 1:45 to 2hrs I told my mates. I knew there'd be no PB, but what I was really hoping for was to run the full distance and make it through unscathed.

    Started at the back. Getting lapped on the athletics track was one I've not experienced before, but a gentle start was important. On the open roads I was running easy and steadily passing people all the way to the finish. It was a really good course, something to keep me interested every step of the way, and the marshalling and organisation was truly excellent Smile. I would definitely recommend this race, and I will definitely return to it again, loved it Smile.

    One particular highlight of the course was running up Slade Lane. This road was one of my favourite places to go on the bike when I lived at Chelford in my younger days. There's a field on the right I used to dream of owning one day, and building my own house there, where I could sit and enjoy the majestic views West across the Cheshire plain. Never imagined I'd actually end up living in a similar setting on the Welsh hills in the distance. 

    Down past "Beefy" Botham's house...

    ... (don't know if he still lives there) I knew I was going to make it to the finish, and so when it turned uphill I upped the effort a bit, looking to get the biggest benefit to my fitness from my race that I could.

    Had a bit of a practice at my head counting ready for the Red Bull next week, I'm certain I got myself well up into the top half of the race (although there was a 5k on aswell so my early impressions may be a bit skewed) and throughout the entirity of the race, only 7 people overtook me, 3 of which I later pulled back.

    One of those I was really pleased about reeling back in. As I overtook the guy on one of the early slightly uphill sections, he gave me a real death stare, and then came bombing back past me and vanished up the road. He had really muscular legs on him and a technique that was all about strength and power. So that was it, him vs me, strength and power vs relaxed posture and measured effort, the will not to be beaten by one particular runner vs the will to ignore everyone else and run your own race. Bounding effort and long stride vs minimal effort quick short stride. He'd stayed infront of me for near enough 8 miles, then got dusted Laughing! Shouldn't have done the death stare!

    When the photos come out, they will reveal a picture of me gradually deteriorating over the course of 13.1 miles, in order; aeroplanes, thumbs up, smile, shattered frown, but it will be a false impression, the race went really well, and I had just enough in the legs for a strong finish on the athletics track, just edging it in a sprint. Perfectly run race Smile, quicker than I'd guessed, and felt like I could have carried on for longer too Smile.

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    • hollywooddave 'There is no holding you down mr barber! I thought my running with a slipped disc with mrs h at Brentwood half was unique but you've only gone out and matched it ! Brilliant stuff:) your a natural athlete too so it won't take you long at all to get back to decent fitness, plus all the cycling of course helps and keeps you fit:) well done for beating the big muscly guy( some of us are nice lol) some muscly guys are only muscly because they are insecure ! His death stare was nowhere near strong enough to take down our made from granite mr barber! Onwards to snowdon you go!!' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • Nick '1:42 is an excellent time - well done to you, Rob! Take care of yourself between now and the big day and I'm sure we'll see a good performance at Snowdon.' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • AngusMc 'There's confidence in the words and legs, you ran a great half there Rob and its looking a whole lot better than it did three weeks ago. One month to Snowdon and you could be in shape to give it a good go. I ran the first 7 miles of the course up to the youth hostel yesterday and it was quite a battle!' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Cor - That's a cracking time Rob & sprint - loving the reel in of Mr 'Death Stare' - all he could stare at was the back of your head at the end. Also I cannot express how really pleased I am that you are coming to Snowdonia' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • gaellebryant 'That's a great time for what reads like a perfectly executed race... Great to hear knowing about all your injuries...' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • LeightonSean 'Great and finish time Rob , well done. I guess the battle with the muscle guy helped :)' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Wow Rob, you're flying! Well done indeed! Looking forward to Snowdon but I think I'll be bringing up the rear! :)' added 28th Sep 2014

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    • gloshawk 'BOOM!! What a pace - our own Macc Lad giving it large! Love the reeling in of the death stare man; we should all be running as one team but, when someone bucks that trend, it's well worth showing them the error of their ways. Now, on to Snowdonia - I can't wait to meet you. On a yard.' added 29th Sep 2014

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    • Vin 'Fandabadosie...... remind me never to death stare you rob. Ever๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ great blog. Great run. Aeroplane, thumbs up and smile. No one can or should ask for any more. ' added 29th Sep 2014

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    • Ali_Dewy 'Brilliant blog, I love the competitive spirit! Well done, great race. ' added 29th Sep 2014

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    • sacha_f 'Great to hear Rob, with the last few months you've had this is a fantastic effort! I take from this blog your lesson about "relaxed posture, ignore everyone else and run your own race, minimal effort and quick short stride," - it's what I strive for though I haven't quite got the hang of the "quick" yet!! :-) xx' added 30th Sep 2014

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