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 Always hated running! For some strange reason though, ever since watching that very first London Marthon in 1981, I've kept on watching,&nb...

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    Jul29201411:53 p.m.

    Quarter to six this morning I was woken by a horrible pain in my stomach. Other folks might do it differently, but me, I'm a Realbuzzer! I ain't moping about feeling sorry for myself. If I'm awake, I'm up, and that's that! I'm not going to be beaten by what might be nothing more than trapped wind.

    I got my clobber on and set off walking to work. Taking the most direct route, door to door it's 9 miles. Leaving the house at 10 past 6, I'd have to be walking pretty swiftly to get to work on time. I managed it fine, 8:15 when I got there, which means I was walking slightly quicker than 14 minutes per mile, and the stomach ache was gone. It wasn't wind, but it was gone, and it stayed gone all of my working day.

    Got my shorts on and ran home. Sort of. Remember that training plan I mentioned? I got it off the Runner's World Smart Coach. "Enter a recent race time" it said. "Ok" said I, most recent, 5k at South Manchester parkrun, 19:47.

    Apparently that means 8:11 per mile should be my easy run pace now. Like hell it is! Warmed up nicely, warmed up thoroughly, and ok it was generally uphill, but that kind of pace was bloomin' hard going! 2 miles done...

    ...Then it happened.

    Remember that stomach ache that woke me up this morning? The one that I'd walked off and had gone away? It came back. With a vengeance. Some privacy in the woods and some good broad leaves were needed.

    Pretty pleased with myself that I managed to get running again, because my stomach was doing loop the loops now, better yet I did 5k and still managed to hit a pace just under that 8:11.

    I learned something today.

    I will definitely NOT be following the paces printed on that plan. Nor will I be pacing myself by anything other than effort level come the day in Snowdonia.

    Running to a pace, checking the watch, it was shite!

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    • DavidHaworth1965 'Ah Rob you are really not a watch man are you?! I think basing training for a malathion on a 5k sprint pace is bound to be tough! The Angus plan that I swear by is based on a recent 10 k pace which feels tough but manageable. .. looking forward to meeting you at snowdon. Keep up the great work! ' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • gloshawk 'Ah, we'll have to call you Barber The Bear; as in 'do the woods.' Glad that's all the stomach concerns were, anyway. Hmm, pacing plans for Snowdonia - mine is "get round". See you then!' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • bevlar '!! Hope you feeling better now though Rob! Good luck with your training :-)' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • moose10 'aah good job for the privacy of the countryside.well done on continuing the run home couldn't have been comfortable. Snowdon is won't be about pace it'll be just a blast though' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • libbylaird 'I wondered how long the training plan would last, back to the proper Rob training plan! Running to a pace, checking the watch, it is shite!' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • Jennymcc 'The runners world plan won't have factored in that you've been injured and haven't been able to run much over the past few months. You must have done that 5k in just over 6 minute miles. For most people 2 minutes per mile slower than 5k pace would be comfortable. There's a big difference in training for a hilly trail marathon and a flat road one. Snowdon for me will be about getting round in one piece; enjoying the experience, company and views. But Chester 3 weeks before and Manchester 6 months later will be absolutely about time. You have the luxury of already knowing you are super fast! For us mere mortals striving to get the best time possible is a big motivation. I would never have knocked 40 minutes off my marathon time this year without the help of a training plan that pushed me outside my comfort zone at times....and my beloved garmin!!! ' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Well I hope the tummy is all settled down. Between your BBQ barf and tummy trouble your certainly making for interesting reading! I reckon no plan can be a good plan.' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • Alaistair 'Ahh the call of the 'ginger bread man'...don't you just hate it went that happens!' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • Runwithroxy 'Ooh - hope you are feeling better now Rob. Thank goodness for the woods!' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • Rob_Barber 'I hear you Jenny, I just live in a place where the geography and geology means that pace really has no relevance, uphill is slow, downhill (done right) is fast, and there isn't any flat! I also find more joy running off road, and there conditions underfoot have such a massive influence on your running that what you run in 10 minutes one day can easily take you 15 the next. So the only thing that really counts is effort. How long can you keep going at this level? Will it get you to the end? Can you go faster or do you need to slow down? There's no such thing as the luxury of knowing you're super fast. We all want to get there in the best times we can. Whether you're a 2 hour elite marathon runner, a 4 hour average marathon runner or a 6 hour endurance machine, all of us are running that marathon at 60 - 70% of our maximum. All of us are doing our 5k's at about 90% of our maximum. I'd just rather have my head up and concentrating on my running and the world around me, than a crick in my neck and a sore shoulder from constantly checking the watch. Is it right? Make your own call on that, but I promise you this is true; as a runner who was checking the watch, I was 40 seconds slower over 5k than I am now, and I trained harder for it too.' added 30th Jul 2014

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    • peterb 'Had the same pt stop happen to me too....lots of grass is good too!!!' added 31st Jul 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Good job you don't work in London, bit embarrassing, hey?! Glad the tum's better now, enjoy yourself, forget the watch and run free!! :)' added 31st Jul 2014

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