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YES, I'LL HAVE A LOOK NOT NOW Please, don't show me this again

Today, I Have Been Mostly... by Rob_Barber


 Always hated running! For some strange reason though, ever since watching that very first London Marthon in 1981, I've kept on watching,&nb...

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Started: 3 Sep 2010

Last post: 23 Oct 2014

  • Ready As I'll Ever Be...


    Oct2320148:29 p.m.

    Well I have definitely run my last training run before the much anticipated Marathon Eryri. I must confess, I’m starting to feel slightly nervous. As much as anything because I love Snowdonia, and I really hope that all those coming will get to see at least a little something of the beauty that I see. I really hope that it delivers, that no-one comes away feeling any sense of anti-climax. You lot are the best, and you deserve the best Wink. 

    The howling wind almost put me off Tuesday night, especially after getting home to a lovely warm fire and the smell of a cracking stew drifting from the oven (thanks love Smile), but I manned up. Well, sort of manned up. How much manning up is it if you're doing it wearing tights Undecided? Hat and gloves needed too for the first time since last winter. 

    I won't deny that the wind at my back was a factor in the speed I felt I had climbing up the long hill, it was a circular route though, I would be paid back later. Finished 4.5 undulating miles feeling exactly how you want to feel at this point in proceedings, like my running was strong and the distance short. It felt good Smile. 

    Saturday too had felt good. It had been my final long run before Snowdonia, and running with the theme of lower volume and same intensity for tapering, I knocked out a 10 miler with a big hill in the middle of it, then ran hard for the last couple of miles. 6:36 for the final mile says my running is coming back to me. 

    I still have serious reservations about my ability to make it out of the other end of the marathon in one piece though. There's low mileage training, and then there's the kind of ridiculously low mileage training I’ve been doing: 

    150 miles in total since the Great Oggie Run, nothing for ages before that. For the Oggie run itself I’d merely cycled, unable to run having burst a lumbar disc. Since that day, I’ve managed to get out running 17 times in all, and just the 3 of them have been long ones. I maxed out at 18 miles in the Red Bull Steeplechase, and that was probably just that little bit too far. Still, I have been happy with the progress in my running, I just think the lack of training miles is really going to tell come Saturday. 

    One more run tonight might have been good in terms of confidence, but there's no sense risking it. I limped home from finishing Tuesday's run. I have an injury that flares up from time to time on the top of my left foot, more or less on the ankle joint, and last night it decided to flare up. 

    It's actually on the site of a previous break, where I lost to my brother back when we were kids in the weekly Friday "jumping over the blocks of cobbles on the way to the bank competition" Back in the day before he was paralysed. Back in the day of wages being paid in proper money, notes and coins, in a brown paper envelope, with tax, N.I. and pension contributions lovingly hand written on the front by the girl in the pay office, and dad having to rush like mad to get to the bank before it shut. Breaking my foot that day didn’t stop him, or even slow him down, and then I had to walk round to my Granny’s house after. It was swollen up good by then Laughing. 

    So I’ll save the running for Saturday, and just keep myself ticking over on the bike. A short sharp burst on the rollers last night, same again tonight, although, on second thoughts, a gentle one will do, or more likely none at all now its this late, it’s taken me longer to write this than I thought Laughing. 

    Really wishing now that I'd booked accommodation for this weekend. I had hoped Mrs B and the boy would be along for the ride, but when the weather forecast is anything less than perfect, I can't get her anywhere near Snowdonia. She doesn't share my passion and love for them there mountains. Ironically, if she actually went up 'em, then she more than likely would feel exactly the same way I do. Oh well. 

    I would have loved to take a merry band of ‘Buzzers up onto the mountain tops. A good scramble on the Glyders, perhaps better yet Tryfan, would be just the thing for a post marathon stretch out on Sunday. Mind you, the weather would have the final say on that, a wet and windy Tryfan would be a dangerous place for tired legs. 

    Ali, Angus, Dave, Dave and Dave, Eugene, Gerry, Jenny, Jim, and Libby of course, I will see you on Saturday, and to be honest, I can hardly wait at all Smile.  

    Comments (14)

    • gloshawk 'I am so so excited. The body's getting ready for a battle, and the thirst is fully primed too. It us going to be fab to meet you and experience those sights that you have spoken of so eloquently. Glad you're feeling chipper - 6.36? zboom!! See you Saturday. On a yard.' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • libbylaird 'See you on Saturday.....looking forward to catching up again!!' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Cannot wait to catch up Rob and have you formally introduce us to your mountains. See you Saturday' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'I remember those little brown envelopes! Real money! What a pace there Rob! Great going. Really looking forward to meeting you, shame Mrs B isn't coming, my Mrs B will be there though and looking forward to meeting you too! :)' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • crooxi 'Your spirit is ready, Rob - more than ready - and that's more vital than a few extra miles of training. You and all the Buzzers will have a great day, I am certain. I look forward to a very eloquent post in a few days. I love your previous post too, incidentally - it could almost convert this night owl to early morning running. Almost.' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • KickAS_Kat 'I can't imagine a single Buzzer will be unmoved by the splendours of Snowdon Rob :) This is going to be one that lives long in the a Realbuzz memory for all the right reasons. Wishing you massive good luck - I'm certain your innate grit and ability will see you right across that finish line :) ' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • DavidHaworth1965 'See you saturday Rob, I'm sure Snowdon won't disappoint! Can't wait! ' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • moose10 'loving the blog Rob only wish I was coming up to enjoy the splendor of your mountains. all the very best for Saturday have a great time enjoy but do take care and there still some serious speed in those legs of yours' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • Nick 'All the very best for saturday, Rob. At least you'll have a band of buzzers to chase you up that mountain! Stay strong and make it to the finish!' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • AngusMc 'There will be no disappointment . It sounds like there's some form again and that must give you confidence, time will tell if the stamina and endurance is there. You have experience on your side I think it will count for quite a bit at the weekend. Looking forward to meeting you' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • Jennymcc 'I imagine you'll storm it on Saturday Rob. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. ' added 23rd Oct 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'I remember a day last November at St. Albans when before the race you said you wasn't in the best shape, you hadn't trained well, and what did the realbuzz effect do to you that day!! A sub 20 min 5k!! I think there was 7 buzzers there that day and tomorrow there will be around 12!! I expect a sub 3 hour from you mr barber!! ;)' added 24th Oct 2014

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    • Vin 'Gutted I can't be there even to watch rob. Enjoy. It's your back yard so lead the buzzers out and bring them all home safe. ' added 24th Oct 2014

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    • Rob_Barber 'Sub 3???? I couldn't do that of it were downhill all the way :-D' added 24th Oct 2014

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