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Dr Danni.

I write this as I'm sitting next to my little sister Jordan, in an auditorium at the Parramatta Campus of the University of Western Sydney. My big sister Danni is graduating from her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree but the graduation process is beginning to drag on a bit so I thought I may as well kill two birds with one stone and churn out my weekly blog in the meantime. 

Danni has always wanted to be a Doctor for as long as I can remember. As kids, when Mum and Dad asked us what we wanted to be when we were older, my answer was always that I wanted to be Olympic champion, and Danni's was that she wanted to help people and be a Doctor. I'm still a long way off reaching my goal but today, after knuckling down throughout primary and high school and now 5 years of university, Danni has reached hers.

Dr Danni.

Earlier today I wrote a couple of status' on Twitter and Facebook about how proud I am of my big sister and I'm happy to say I even had a few tears in my eyes as I was writing them. I look up to a few sports stars because I admire their achievements and comebacks as I can relate to them, but being able to call Danni a Doctor just blows me away. Being a sports person is one thing, but being a Doctor and actually saving people's lives is another.

  Dr Danni.
In non-medical news, it was fun having Brett Robinson and Kevin Batt around for a few days for some training. We all had a good time at Sally Fitzgibbons' 21st along with a few other running boys. The food at my 21st was top notch as my Mum is an 'A' grade chef, but the food at Sally's wasn't too shabby either. Risotto with prawns in it, proper cheeseburgers that tasted like the ones from Macca's, and even bowls of Lindt milk chocolate balls which happily made their way to my love handles. 

I don't often get to watch my little sister play tennis but I was there when she won her first tournament on Tuesday. The match took quite a while with about 4 rain delays but in the end she got the win up and there were a few loud cheers from me, Kevin and Brett. Kevin was actually a little too vocal and at one stage he was asked by the umpire to be quiet after over-reacting to a close line call. Jordan also had a win in the doubles. Congratulations Jordan.

Dr Danni.
Running's going well and I head to Falls Creek in a week's time for an altitude training camp. For the domestic athletics fans, keep an eye out for Brett Robinson this season. The training he did with me when he was up from Canberra showed me that he's ready to take the next step.

Merry Christmas!


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