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I am a part time working mum of 2 young girls. 3 years ago, I ran my first marathon, in my birth town of Brighton, In a time of 4.53. Last year, I "st...

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  • Where has it gone?


    Mar2620152:54 p.m.

    Ok, everyone's in detention and no ones leaving until we find out who has taken it. Dunno what you're talking about, Miss? MY "energy" My "get up and go" My "normal feeling" I ran 20 miles on Friday, despite having a very (very) mild sore throat (the spell check just suggested 'tightfisted' for 'throat?!) cough and runny nose. I can't seem to kick this feeling. The 2 or so days after the long run, I would expect to feel tired. I don't feel unwell, even though I have got a cough, it's not stopping me do my everyday chores. But I have no energy? I slept for 11 hours a few nights ago. I know I should be scaling the training down, but to be honest, I was only running 2, very occasionally 3 times a week, so it's not like I've got to slow down from anything? Looking back, there's only been 1 week where I just squeaked over 30 miles for a weekly total - every other week has been well below, so I'm not fatigued from over training. Maybe I've not done enough? What I'm really hoping, is that it's not some kind of bug that's creeping up on me. I have avoided all illnesses, despite the rest of my family having been ill. I've just come back from a run, which I had to cut short, as I was just getting slower and slower and in the end, walked. I only managed 4 miles. I feel like I could get into my PJs and sleep until tomorrow! 

    So what should I do?  Carry on at a more gentle pace, or stop completely and if it is a bug, see if it passes?. If I had to run a marathon tomorrow, I know for sure, that my energy wouldn't get me past 10 miles. Help!

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    • hollywooddave 'nice and calm simmy:) just about everyone i know has had this bug( me included) , sore throat,chesty cough,feeling energy. all i can say is ive had the cough for 6 weeks but everything else is back to normal, after a week or so you will get better and more lively so if i was you i would rest up.get that immune system back. good luck! ' added 26th Mar 2015

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    • Nick 'Hardly anybody gets through their marathon training without experiencing the odd spell of illness. I always found it best to take a short break - a few days - take plenty of fluids, a bit of paracetamol and you should be feeling better again very soon. Good luck!' added 26th Mar 2015

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'If I were you, I'd be really, really worried Simmy............ha ha ha, only joking!! :))))) As we get fitter our immune sysytem does become more liable to succome to any infections. Rest up, you won't undo the good training and you will benfit from the break. Sleeping is good and your body is trying to tell you something! You have been doing some cracking runs so this little upset is not unusual among us athletes! Relax and rest up, you are going to have a whale of a time very soon! (You can punch me when we get to London!!)' added 26th Mar 2015

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    • KickAS_Kat 'Definitely listen to your body Simmy - if it wants more rest, it's usually because it's tryng to fight something off. Your fitness will be fine even with a rest xx' added 26th Mar 2015

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    • Rob_Barber 'EAT!!! Get some calories in you! If it's a bug, your body needs the fuel to fight the bug. If it's not a bug, your body needs the energy to replenish what 20 miles took out. What you eat is entirely up to you.' added 26th Mar 2015

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    • gaellebryant 'Simmy, I sm feeling exactly the same! Not Ill but oh so tired... I think our body knows it us taper and it is asking us to rest and fuel well. This week I gavd also been feeling extremely hungry and thus is the first time ever it has happened to me while training... If you/I miss a run now, I think it will us do more good than harm to be honest... Just listen to your body and it will reward you!' added 26th Mar 2015

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    • DaveCH 'I think just take a break for a few days. You did 20 miles on Friday and have being doing up to 30 per week. It could be just accumulated fatigue. It may be that you have done more in the past but sometimes it just catches up on you and you need a break.' added 26th Mar 2015

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