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I am a part time working mum of 2 young girls. 3 years ago, I ran my first marathon, in my birth town of Brighton, In a time of 4.53. Last year, I "st...

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  • Nearly 4 months?.....


    Aug20201411:57 p.m.

    Since I wrote my last blog. I've been attempting to keep up on here, but my visits to Realbuzz have been more off than on. ive got no chance of reading 4 months worth of blogs, but I hope everyone is well? I'm aware of the run on the 7th Sept and have entered the Maidenhead Half, with Gerry. I got a rather alarming email from the organisers yesterday, starting with "Just under 3 weeks to go until race day - we hope you are looking forward to it and that your training has been going well!" Errrr, if 4 runs in the last 5 weeks passes as good training, then yep - I'm ready! No, I am far from ready, but as long as I get round with a smile and not a grimace on my face, that'll do me! 

    So, as sad as I am to see the summer holidays and time off with my girls, come to an end, September will bring more time for me to get off my arse, get training and give myself a reason to start blogging again.

    Oh, PS, I did complete my marathon in Milton Keynes, way back in May: 4hrs 14. Miles 0-18 = fabulous, on target, 9 minute miling. Miles 18 -26 = torture, torture, torture!! Physically, with calf cramp in both legs, then mentally, on every level. To quote Jim, quoting Sir Steve Redgrave: "If you ever hear me talking about doing a marathon again, then shoot me".....

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    • Rob_Barber '4 runs in 5 weeks is way more training than I managed for the Snowdonia marathon last year - I got round that - you'll do the Maidenhead Half, no problem - you're a fit and healthy woman :-)' added 21st Aug 2014

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    • hollywooddave 'I reckon you will surprise yourself simmy! Sometimes our best runs come along when we don't expect it ! ' added 21st Aug 2014

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    • Vin 'You're like me simmy we've both been off RB for a bit and it's nice to see you back on here too. The half will be good. As you say finish with a smile is the main thing. Good luck with training...3 weeks is more than enough👍' added 21st Aug 2014

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Don't panic Simmy, I'm going to be bringing up the rear in this one! I'm no good on tarmac now and after this weekend I may not be any good on anything!! We could always both wear Morph suits for Louie and get loads of photos taken of the two of us !! :)' added 21st Aug 2014

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    • bevlar 'Your training sounds a bit like mine at the mo! But I'm sure you'll do great! Good luck with the training :-)' added 22nd Aug 2014

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    • gloshawk 'Good to see you blogging again, Simmy. Is that really a 'never again' from you, though? Or, like the great Sir Steve himself, maybe there's one more in you? And you'll have a ball at Maidenhead I am sure; you'll certainly be running on fresh legs with the training so far. ;-)' added 25th Aug 2014

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    • TaniaT 'Will get that reindeer food in the post for you ready for the 7th lol you will be fab and to run with Bolty to! I reckon it will really be a day to remember! Get loads of pics on the day guys xxx ' added 30th Aug 2014

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    • KickAS_Kat 'You'll be great on the day Simmy - both you and Bolty in morph suits, that would be quite something ;) ' added 30th Aug 2014

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