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YES, I'LL HAVE A LOOK NOT NOW Please, don't show me this again

My 26.2 mile journey... by Simonetta26_2


I am a part time working mum of 2 young girls. 3 years ago, I ran my first marathon, in my birth town of Brighton, In a time of 4.53. Last year, I "st...

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Started: 3 Jan 2013

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  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.....


    Jan22201510:10 p.m.


    I'm sat here at the keyboard, like a rabbit in the headlights. I've glanced at Realbuzz from time to time over the last few months and read a few blogs, but to be honest, I feel completely LOST! Is it really 4 months since my last blog? And much longer than that, if you're counting something that actually constitutes as "news to write about"? Well, shame on me. It was alarming to see the number 496 in a little black box in the top right hand corner of the page. I don't know where to start? I guess a good place would be to start with Hello and I hope that 2015 has found you all well and fit and raring to go? Despite the long gap since my last blog, I have been running and occasionally racing, too. I won't even begin to bore you with pages of details, so I've had a think and picked out a few highlights, which funnily enough, fall quite nicely under the title above. So rather than listing them in order of the title, or order of the date in which they occurred, i've decided to list them so that the blog ends on a good. It's always nice to end with a "good" and a smile, rather than a bad and the "bad" was pretty shitty, too.

    So, i'll get it out of the way. A week ago, I set out on a long run with my friend, Sophie. I'd mapped out a nice 12 mile route, on familiar roads. As I was running with someone, it was nice not to be weighted down with my usual Christopher Columbus load of "in case of emergency" phone and supplies (I have Type 1 Diabetes, so I always run prepared) We set out in the pouring rain, at a nice easy, talking pace. Then at about 8 miles, my legs began a bit peculiar, so I slowed down and took a Shot Blok. I had 3 more and normally only need 1, if any, on a long run. I told Sophie that i'd take a short cut and meet up at the end of the path. I slowed down to walking and my legs began to get worse and worse, so I took another Shot Blok.  I met up with her and just wanted to get home, so we jogged again. Stupidly, I blagged it out, telling Sophie that I would be ok, so she set off, with just 2 miles to go. I took the last 2 of my Shot Bloks, 4 in total by now, but they didn't seem to be doing anything to raise my sugar level. I very rarely have a hypo and it usually presents itself in a way that I can recognise and deal with it. But not this time. There was obviously not enough sugar for my brain to send the proper signals to my legs and as hard as tried to make myself walk straight, my knees were buckling and my legs were jerking in all sorts of directions. By now, i was in the middle of Parham Park, with just the deer for company and I started to feel really worried. I have no idea how long it took me to teeter down to the main road, but once there, I had to keep stopping to cling onto garden fences, to stop my legs from buckling and jerking. By now, I was really scared. Half a mile from home, that's all I had to cover, then no, that was it. My legs gave way. Shit, shit, shit, what to do now? I was deperately trying to look "normal", when around the corner, came a friend in her car, giving me a merry wave and then a quizzing thumbs up. Thank goodness I was able to wave my arms in some way that made her stop and she picked me up (not easy: she's small, i'm not!) and helped me into her car. I looked at my Garmin results and you can see where the wheels came off. I had to look twice, as my pace picked up after that, to Usain proportions. Then I realised that i'd not stopped it, and it was recording the speed in the car! Oh well! After a hot bath, cup of tea and a very large chocolate bar (for medicinal purposes of course, to bring my sugar level back to normal.....) I was feeling better pretty quickly. The after effects are that you feel completely drained for a long time after, but nothing worse than that. I couldn't work out why my sugar level had dropped so low and can only think that as we set out, we got totally soaked in the heavy rain, through a few layers. The rain stopped, but the temperature stayed low, so my body was using all the enregy to keep me warm. So, for next time, a phone for ALL runs. Don't be blase and think i'll be ok - tell people, otherwise how are they to know? And even  though i run with more glucose than i think i need, run with even more!!


    So that was the bad. The Ugly, you'll be pleased to know is a short, not so sweet story. I fell over, at the end of one of my runs. Being a flumsy clucker, I happened to trip on nothing and the fall happened in slow motion: as I was falling towards the pavement a voice in my head was shouting "NOT THE FACE, NOT THE FAAAAAACE!!!" My hands hit the pavement first, but then the force of the fall couldn't stop the momentum and I face planted in a spectacular manner. The blood has long since gone and all that remains is a scar on my chin. In the shape of a dog. Or a capital H, depending on your imagination, but a scar to re tell the story at many dinner parties to come.




    And so finally, on to the good. Theres been far more of these than the other 2 categories, so i'm picking a small selection:

    Meeting Gaelle, on my first race of 2015, the Eastbourne 10m Trail. What a lovely lady! My first trail, too.


    Before the race began



    Stunning cliff top route and plenty of hills.


    Another "good" was my run this Tuesday. My running club, Southdowns Run Club, organised a timed run and fitness gauge, to see where we are now, to be repeated in a number of weeks, for comparison. We set off on a measured 10k (I don't think I can do another Garmin link without losing all the rest of my blog and given the length of it - I know, yeah......i'm not risking it!) But anyway, it was a fairly undulating out and back route, with quite a bit of slippery ice patches, but I surprised myself by finishing in 49.14. Crikey?! I think my incentive for the quick pace was to try and keep warm, but also, a big chunk of the route was where I had last had the "bad" run, so it was karma, I guess?

    Now, you can scrape your head off the keyboard or unstick your face from the tablet and be pleased to know that i've nearly finished my blog. Talk about making up for lost time? My last "good" is THIS, from October 2014.......

    A card and present from my husband.


    Because I got this in the post...

    Although when my daughter read it, she said "why does it say 'Kicked out?' Waaaaahhhhhh! I had to look twice, but yes, it arrived. After 11 years on and off of trying, I am in. But prior to waiting to see if I got a ballot place, way back in May, I also entered for Brighton. This is going to be some year and I'm looking forward to meeting a good few of you in Brighton. 

    Just before I go, a quick quote from my Secret Santa book, "You know you're a Runner"

    You know you're a runner, when an escalator is more useful for achilles stretches, than reaching the next level. Yes, admit it, who has done this?!


    Well, I have finished now. Thank you for staying with me, despite me saying at the beginning "I won't bore you with pages of details"........

    See you in Brighton!!! xx

    Comments (7)

    • Rob_Barber 'Well hello 😊 Great to have you back, and what a corker of a blog to come back with. Lucky your friend passed when she did, floor always wins when you try to head-butt it, but what a high to finish on - good work, and congratulations 😊' added 22nd Jan 2015

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    • HOBSCowboy 'Brilliant! Great to hear from you, and a cracking blog to kick back off with. Bad & Ugly not great to hear and very glad all recovered. Lovely good news, London calling - congratulations. Will see you in Brighton, where I believe you are acting as social secretary for a RB gathering? Cannot wait' added 23rd Jan 2015

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    • hollywooddave 'Well hello there, my name is hollywooddave and welcome to the site ....lolololol!! Great to have you back young SIMMY!! An action packed blog there young lady! But your still here and still fighting! That's the main thing:) great news you finally got into London! A day you will never ever forget!! With you shoulder to shoulder:)' added 23rd Jan 2015

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    • gloshawk 'And she's back! Super, smashing, and definitely right to finish on the highs of Gaelle, the run and, of course, VLM. The ugly I'd seen on FB, the bad I didn't know about - must have been pretty stressful stuff. We're with you all the way to Brighton and London. On a yard! Oh, and nice linkage to Garmin too.' added 23rd Jan 2015

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    • gaellebryant 'Glad to have you back on here Simmy! So sorry to hear about "the bad" it must have been very scary indeed but lesson learnt I guess. All your friends should know, especially those you run with... What a cracking time for a 10k, you are flying! It was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again in Brighton. Didn't realise you were running the double... ' added 23rd Jan 2015

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    • Berlin_Bolt 'Hi there, my birthday twin! Great blog and I wasn't bored at all!! Scary stuff with the sugar lows but jolly lucky your friend turned up when she did! As for the chin, I remember wincing at that on FB! Hope it hasn't left a scar. You've done some great runs, especially the trail running! Best of all, you finally got into London! I'm really looking forward to seeing you at The Club! (Do these Buzzers know we're booked into an hotel overnight?!!) LOL It's going to be awesome! Meanwhile you've got Brighton to go smash! GO GO GO Simmy!! :)))' added 23rd Jan 2015

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    • KickAS_Kat 'That's one very scary experience Simmy! My son's a type 1 too and he's had one or two similar experiences exercising in very cold weather too. That was quite some face plant! Just glad your hands managed to break the fall. Huge congrats on getting into the VLM - it's going to be an awesome day as I'm sure there'll be loads of us shouting for you and Bolty :) ' added 23rd Jan 2015

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