This sport would be fun if it wasn't for all the running by T1NK5


Hey guys. I have always wanted to write a blog and now I guess I actually have something "blog worthy" to blog about. The big VLM!! From a young ...

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  • Its gone but most definately not forgotten!


    Apr2320132:51 p.m.

    After not being able to run in Sundays race I felt compelled to write a few words, firstly to congratulate you all on your fantastic achievements!

    I felt really emotional reading all of your blogs as although i dont know you personally I was bursting with pride at your achuevements and that all your hard work has paid off.

    Its also inspired me to finally stop feeling sorry for myself about the fact my knee doesnt seem to want to play ball and do something about it.

    Ive contacted a Sports Therapist who speicalises in knees, he worked for the Welsh rugby team and also for a Ski team in France and he thinks he can help me.

    I'm determined to kick this problem and get out running again, especially now the summer months are coming i'm itching to get out for a run. Ive been keeping up with my cardio, lots of low impact cycling, rowing, spin classes, weights and pilates.

    So my VLM dream is definately not over and I really hope to be back on here later in the year to say ive started my training once again.

    I hope all of you who took part are basking in your achievement and having a well earned rest.

    Ciao for now : )

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    • hollywooddave 'keep fighting! dont let anything defeat you, you will definatly be back on those streets soon and your success will be even greater for what youve gone through,onwards and upwards!' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • AngusMc 'keep that dream alive! My knee was a real mess two years ago and I ended up having cartilage surgery in July. Was back to jogging 8 weeks later and ran the VLM on sunday. I'm sure you can overcome the problem and be able to run it, its worth fighting for!' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • snoflake 'The VLM has been my ambition for years, had to give myself a bit of a kick to crack on and enter! Find it inside yourself to forge ahead with your plan to run London, let nothing get in your way, re read some of these blogs, I can vouch for the toughness of some people on here, talk about triumph over adversity, seek out the help you need and do it!! Good luck! x' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • T1NK5 'Thanks guys. Re reading some of the blog posts has definately inspored me. At least I can seek solice that my place is still there waiting for me. VLM 2014 im coming to get youuuuuuuu! Onwards and upwards ; )' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • Nervous1stMarathon 'T1NK5 just look what Ali achieved after pulling out last year - you're definitely not finished, get back out there and work hard at the rehab and you'll get there eventually. Really hope you manage to achieve the dream of the VLM next year or another if it takes longer. Keep pushing for it, it's worth every minute. x' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • LeightonSean 'Keep believing . You are doing all the right things and you have the drive and determination . Keeping my fingers crossed for you . Good luck' added 23rd Apr 2013

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    • Ali_Dewy 'You go girl!! I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to run The London Marathon ever when I pulled out last year but I did it and I did it better and faster than ever thought I could. Believe me it is a much sweeter victory having gone through all the heartache last year. Good luck, I know you will be on the start line next year! Keep in touch. x' added 24th Apr 2013

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