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Shuffling Through Paradise Every Spring I make my annual pilgrimage down Highway 1 to do battle with my Marathon Monsters.  This year will be my ...

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    Apr30201112:11 a.m.

    I'm very sad I won't be joining you this year.  I'd like love to run the out and back with the extra loop that's going to be beautiful.

    So since I'm living vicariously through all of you, I'm going to armchair quarterback and provide a few thoughts I have.

    1) So if you are all breathing huge sighs of relief about not running Hurricane point. . . . Don't.  This course is still going to be hilly.  Actually the first half of the regular course nets downhill.  So what you are going to be running is rolling, very, very rolling. I would still be very careful in the first half of the race.  On a positive note, you don't have 4 miles of steady downhill at the start to encourage over optimistic early pacing. 

    2) I think the detour on the return is going to be stunningly beautiful but a psychological challenge. . . Just remember the turnaround is not the halfway mark.  I once ran a half with a detour like this and it felt like the second half took forever, because my mindset was wrong.

    3) The veiws north and south will be different (I learned this in the last out and back year), so your not getting cheated on views at all as you get vistas from both directions.

    4) You are gauranteed a headwind for some portion of the race.  This is a good thing!

    I wish I were running Sunday and I hope to return next year!

    Here's the trail-runners blessing for you.

    May the sun shine softly on your face, May the wind blow gently at your back, and may the road rise up to meet your feet (and not your face!)

    Good luck Everybody


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