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This is going to be my blog about me training for my first even Marathon as a complete beginner to running! 

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    Apr3020129:48 a.m.

    Its a week on.......

    My legs are back to feeling like normal, all aches and pain in the pins have gone.  Well that is except for the big toe on my left foot that is definately on its way off, and i'm beginning to think it might even be infected (grimm).  big toe on the right foot is looking like it might go too!

    so the question is, to apply or not to apply for next year!!  I would like to think I could do a better time, this year was all about crossing the line having never run before and with only 6 months training, the thought is, what could I do next year with 18 months training behind me!!

    Of should I stick with my mantra of Never Again!!


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    • andyuns 'Go for it, you know you want to ! I've entered the ballot for next years. Ran the Hamburg Marathon yesterday and found it a bit easier than the previous year's VLM and improved my time by 40 minutes.' added 30th Apr 2012

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    • garyb 'yeah -do it again - you know you want too!' added 2nd May 2012

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    • debbiesansom 'WELL DONE! Been reading your blog since October when I started training properly. I'm not much of a runner but had got my mileage up to 10 miles in October. I felt like I would never get up to 26 but reading how you were out there training when you were starting from scratch really really inspired me. Especially on the long Sunday runs in the rotten rain/hail/snow. Marathon took me 5hrs and 40 to get round and I had a brilliant time, what a great day! I also finished in the lashing rain, which I could have done without. But also I did all that training in the rain so it seemed fitting. I do hope you're still buzzing from the accomplishment. Debs x ' added 3rd May 2012

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