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I have been running for a number of years now and this will be the third year in the Great South Run. I am hoping to start to increase the speed of my...

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  • Keep calm


    Apr1720151:02 p.m.

    Last night I decided to go to running club, so a slight deviation for my plan but what a boast it gave me. We went out as a group of 15 and ran 10k. The first 30mins of the run felt hard work but I finished feeling very strong and as if I had only just got started. Today I am going to get all the last bits I need for London from the running shop and also write myself a step by step list of the actual weekend in the hope it will help me stay calm. I am so excited and nervous already so any advice on staying calm would be great.

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    • Vin 'Sounds a good plan to me. Can't believe I'm not running London this year. So jealous. I find music helps. I train alone so the music I have is a God send. I have some upbeat music, motivational tracks like Rocky talking LOL and some slow classical and Opera music to remind me to be calm and to relax with each for fall. Hope you find other ways to be calm. Calm is key👍' added 17th Apr 2015

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    • hollywooddave 'It's getting close now!! It's ok to be nervous before the day but try to stay calm on the day! You will do great:)' added 17th Apr 2015

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    • Rob_Barber 'The calmest I've been for the London marathon was the time I had a practice run at getting to the start on the Saturday, and then just chilled out in Greenwich park watching life go by. The dummy run at getting there just meant I knew where and when I was going, and that made a huge difference to how relaxed I was on the day. ' added 18th Apr 2015

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