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The Great South Run and Beyond by hfry


I have been running for a number of years now and this will be the third year in the Great South Run. I am hoping to start to increase the speed of my...

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  • Good Saturday not so good Tuesday


    Nov19201410:33 a.m.

    Saturday afternoon I headed out of another 9.5 miles. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I had a very enjoyable run through the countryside and then along the coast path.  I really enjoy a long slow run at the weekend. On Saturday my ankle sort of got stuck about 3 times and I stopped and stretched , walked for a minute or two and then off I went and it was fine. then on Saturday night it was stiff, Sunday and Monday fine. So you  guess it, I went out for a run yesterday and half way through a very productive interval session my ankle hurt. Again stopped and walked for a bit then ran home gently and iced it  and now I can hardly walk on it.  I am happy to rest it now for a the rest of this week and then see where we are, but it does make me wonder how you get through marathon training with out injury. Whenever I start to increase mileage or speed, I get niggles. Does every runner always have something that is a bit sore and I am just worrying too much.

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    • hollywooddave 'I don't think any of us have ever gone through marathon training without an injury lol! Just go slow and steady, you've plenty of time left' added 19th Nov 2014

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    • gloshawk 'Ah, runner's niggles are par for the course as the mileage starts to increase. Take a step back if you need to, ice it up, and think about booking in for physio/sports massage - expensive, but, I have found, invaluable support. Keep the faith.' added 20th Nov 2014

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    • Rob_Barber 'I've been sore in one place or another since I was about 13 years old, running has really helped fix some of those pains, and it has replaced them with others. C'est la vie.' added 22nd Nov 2014

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