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The Great South Run and Beyond by hfry


I have been running for a number of years now and this will be the third year in the Great South Run. I am hoping to start to increase the speed of my...

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  • Mid week blues


    Jan28201512:15 p.m.

    On Sunday I decided not to do the cross country race. It started at 11.00 and as a family we wanted to go to a local farm to see the lambing and so I decided to get my run out of the way and get on with the day with the family. Yesterday I did 4 miles. These mid week runs are hard to get motivated for. The long runs I plan during the week and almost look forward to them in a strange way, once finished there is a sense of achievement, but at the moment the mid week runs seem more of a slog, even though I would probably have done them any way, now it is on a plan and they are getting a bit longer they seem harder. Rest day today and then 3 miles tomorrow morning before work.

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    • hollywooddave 'Turn that frown upside down! Your doing great!' added 28th Jan 2015

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    • gloshawk 'Do something different with the midweekers if you need to - off road, a hill (nice and slow), fartlekking. Go on, you're too committed to remain down for long. I always take to the trails - it stops me being a slave to the watch/programme/whatever. On a yard!!' added 28th Jan 2015

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