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Problems with my knee!

Nov24201110:35 a.m.

Over the past week my right knee has become increasingly more painful to run on, so rather than risk putting myself out for weeks, I'm taking a few days to rest it. That means no running, no gym, and no boxing - believe it or not boxing training is 90% legwork.

The pain started whilst using the treadmill at the gym last Thursday, I was attempting to run 5 miles in 40 minutes and, when I realised I wouldn't make it at the current pace, I upped the speed to about 6.5min/mile - much faster than I normally run. It was ok at first but after a few minutes at that pace I felt a sharp pain develop in my knee. I slowed the treadmill down to a fast walk until it eased off, then sped up again. Within a few seconds the pain was back so I slowed to a jog and finished the 5 miles in 42 minutes.

The following Saturday I went out for a 10km run, trying to repeat the efforts of the previous week when Carole and I did our first 10km for MoRunning in Milton Keynes. About 3 miles in the pain started, by 5 miles I had to stop and walk for a hundred yards or so for it to ease off. Once it had I finished the run, which was slightly over 10km at 6.43 miles, in 1hr 1min.

I managed a circuit weights session at the gym on the Monday but found myself skipping boxing that night as well as my ususal Tuesday morning run. On Tuesday afternoon I attempted another go on the treadmill but after 3 miles I had to stop. By Wednesday I could feel the pain in my knee even when walking so decided to take some time to rest rather than risk further injury.

I'll do nothing until Saturday and hopefully manage a gentle 10km. The plan was to complete two more 10km (approx 6 mile) runs, before increasing the distance by a mile every three weeks. At that rate I should be running 10 miles for a few weeks before the half marathon. With a but of luck my knee will be okay by Saturday and I can keep the training schedule on track. It'll be back to boxing next week also - can't wait for that!


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