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Katie Tanner's London marathon blog by katietanner1



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Started: 15 Nov 2012

Last post: 3 May 2013

  • So it's all over............until next year!!


    May0320131:38 p.m.

    So a couple of weeks ago I completed the London marathon in 4 hours 59. I was hoping to finish in 4 hours 30 but I had a really awful stitch the whole way round!! im just really pleased I did it though and I had such a great day, the crowd was really amazing and encouraging and my Mum, boyfriend and a few friends had come to watch me. I saw them at Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and Embankment . It was brilliant to have them all there cheering me on and it gave me something to look forward too. after the run we went to the Children with Cancer runners reception where I  turned down the offer of a free massage which I regretted the next day as I was in agony :-( but we had stayed in a hotel that night so we went to the spa the next day to recover. I managed to raise just under £6000 for Childern with Cancer which I'm so pleased about.

    After recovering for a couple of days I decided I wanted to do it all again as i want to do it in a better time and I also really enjoyed the training and fundraising, so I Got on line and started applying for gold bond places. I also entered the ballot and on that day I got a call from Anthony Nolan and they offered me a gold bond place!  I was so shocked that I had got a place and had found out so early on. I'm really looking forward to running for them and doing it all again!

    im going to enter for the Color Run which is a 5k in July. It's only a short fun run but it looked like it will be really fun. Then in October we have a team of 11 taking on The Major series in Kent so now rather than just running I need to work on strength too. I'm not getting competive about that though, I just think it will be a really fun/funny, messy thing to do with a group of friends :-)

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    • hollywooddave 'well done on breaking the 5 hours! thats very good going,brilliant amount raised for charity too so you done yourself proud:) keep blogging though dont wait until next year! onwards and upwards' added 3rd May 2013

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    • katietanner1 'I haven't been brilliant at keeping up with the blogging but ill try my best to carry on! So pleased I did it in under 5 hours (just!!) ' added 3rd May 2013

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    • hollywooddave 'You should be pleased you done brilliant:) well done' added 3rd May 2013

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    • Vin 'Brilliant Katie, I reckon you done fantastic. I ran for children with cancer in 2012 and they're fantastic aren't they? They must be chuffed with that great amount of money raised too as that seems a massive effort in these time. Well done indeed. And a place for next year brill!!! I entered the ballot and also only one other golden b app though. I must get on to others too but most are £2000 pledges and seems really daunting to raise. Oh on the competitive thing, I am only competitive against myself and the clock if that make sense. ' added 3rd May 2013

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    • katietanner1 'Yes they are great to run for Vin. I did enjoy rising the money, I just hope i Can do it again. I have to raise £1850 this time. I need to think up some new fundraising ideas! I'm also not too competitive with others just myself and as I know I could have got a better time this year that's why I need to do it again. Good luck with the ballot.' added 3rd May 2013

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    • Rob_Barber 'Six grand!!!! That is amazing :-)' added 5th May 2013

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    • kraftykat 'Well done with getting your sub 5 hours. Great running. And huge congrats with the fund-raising - that's a massive amount to raise. How did you manage to raise that much and how are you going to do it again with a gold bond place??? Awesome!' added 5th May 2013

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    • katietanner1 'Thank you kraftykat. I got sponsorship the usual way through friends and family but also did a charity ball which raised over £3000.I think people were more generous as it was my 1st marathon. Hopefully I'll be able to do it again but it will be harder this time. As I've found out out early that I'm in for next years I'm hopping to get a BBQ in in the summer and maybe a race night or pub quiz later in the year. As I've got a year to fundraiser I just plan on doing little things through the year.' added 6th May 2013

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    • craigrunner10 'well done. you finished 3 minutes in front of me.' added 8th May 2013

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