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Im running the VLM in April 2013 and Im raising money for tourettes action as my son Finley has a tic diorder and this charity is the leading charity ...

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  • VLM its over but for how long ?


    Apr2620138:58 p.m.

    What can I say It was amazing and so completeley tough but I finished!

    I was not used to running in the heat and the hours of noisy crowds it totally blew my mind. People queing for  toilets , people running at mile 2, people stopping dead in front of me, being boxed in most of the time!! All things I had not expected at all! I was so happy to hear people cheering my name and it was amazing getting such great support. The race was full of a roller coaster of emotions, one minute I was laughing and feeling great passing the live music and cheering crowds wow it was truly amazing! but after about mile 17 I wanted to cry and collapse on the floor in a heap! I have no idea why I felt like this as in training I had run 20 miles in 3hr 15 no problem.I checked my phone and it reckoned I had run way more than 17 miles. . By the time I crossed the line it was a chip time of 4.58 ( half hour more than I had hoped ) my i phone registered 29 miles !! not sure if this can be possible. Gutted I had to walk near  mile 24ish  but I remeber saying to myself dont forget you would run if you could. Its so difficult being surrounded by people walking and trying to resist ther urge to walk too. Also I was weaving round people all the time ( can you tell I started in zone 9  Red start!) 

    Anyway it doesnt matter I am so proud of my medal and that I finished. 

    The Tuesday and Weds after the race I had this massive low and cried for reasons I cannot explain. After googling this and the fact that I have a completeley achy roof of my mouth ( I couldnt eat after it hurt so much ) I  felt reassured Im normal! Im over that now and today went out for my first run since and felt great. 


    I have realised I have spent all my waking thoughts on preparing for the marathon its like there is a void now. So there is only one thing to do and thats keep running and try and get a ballot place next year...maybe! Meanwhile Ive registered for a 10k race on 12th May which Im hoping will be a breeze! 

    Well done to all who ran last Sunday it was an amazing day I shall never forget! 

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    • Johnf 'Well run Penelope. It is a tough start from the rear pens and makes it impossible really to get into your pace. But next time you'll get there, the first London is a real learning experience. Congratulations' added 27th Apr 2013

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    • DavidHaworth1965 'Well done, this blog is so familiar, I never expected the roof of the mouth thing, but I had it too. The training programmes need to go beyond the race, we become so dependant on them and then suddenly they are gone and we are left out there on our own at our most vulnerable. Perhaps I'll make my millions producing a training programme that takes you to your first race after the marathon...' added 27th Apr 2013

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    • adr_w 'It has certainly been a rollercoaster, I can empathise with you for sure. Be very proud Penelope. Congratulations!' added 27th Apr 2013

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