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I had always looked at people who ran marathons as if they were crazy - and now I have gone and signed up for the London Marathon 2013, in part to rai...

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  • Good news


    Jan30201311:54 a.m.

    The x-ray results came back and no evidence of fracture - so that's good news, in a way. At least I know it's only the tendons/ligaments that are the issue so rest was the best choice.

    Today is the second day in a row where my ankle hasn't hurt so I am going to do some cross training (elliptical and bike) tonight along with some core work. Then I will go for a light run tomorrow night (aim for 3 miles). Hopefully I can ease myself back into the regular training regime soon!

    My biggest question when injury happens is --- how do I get myself back into the regular schedule? Is it best to do a shorter long run, or try to do the whole thing but add more walking? Should I run all 4 times or start with only 2 or 3 days? how long should it take to ease back to the regular schedule? Oh so many questions!

    Will be picking up some new shoes at the Marathon Expert Day this weekend - yay for deals!

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